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  1. Man, it sounds like I really need to catch up... Owens Powerbombs MGK, Sheamus wins MITB... 'the &^@#.
  2. Dude, any chance of you starting up a new create-a-player game with the new ehm?
  3. I'm so thankful he was able to do a program with his boys before he passed.
  4. That was pretty much what I was expecting you to say... Cena will be over as long as people are making noise for him; As long as people are chanting "Lets Go Cena; Cena Sucks" He's doing his job. It's when people go quiet that WWE should panic, and most people don't seem to understand that. Personally, I dislike John because I thought he was the last of the attitude era; he was the Dr. of Thuganomics; pushing boundaries and entertaining like CRAZY on the mic; when he wasn't pushing every town for cheap pops; he was an amazing talker, but once again; what you see is a product of the PG era. Personally; I believe the entire PG era is part of a bigger plan,Initially I think the plan was to get Linda McMahon in office so that the WWE could manipulate/push whatever political propaganda they need to to help stop the wrestlers from forming unions, etc.; but anyways, I think once that fell through, the plan became build up Cena as this idol like they did with Hogan for YEARS, and YEARS and then when the iron is hot, when the culture is changing, Turn Cena heel, create a new faction around him and the boom begins again... As for your favourite(s), I'd bet you've never watched any indy matches, and thats a damn shame, I STRONGLY suggest you watch some Jon Moxley, Tyler Black, Kevin Steen, Kenta Kobayashi, Pac, El Generico, American Dragon, Samoa Joe, and some early CM Punk matches/footage. They are all bloody talented in the ring, and on the mic, and if you don't know the names - you'll damn sure recognize the faces.
  5. I'm curious,care to elaborate on "his crap"? You seem really ignorant about alot of superstars you dislike, and you seem to really buy into alot of WWE's marketing, I've got to be honest, you don't sound like you know your stuff at all, it sounds like you played a couple of WWE games, watched a few episodes of raw and some PPVs and decided to buy what they're selling.
  6. If WWE ever lets Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose unleash what they are fully capable of in the ring, around the ring, and on the mic, I predict another boom in the wrestling business.
  7. Because WWE is a PG Program and Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley has not had the opportunity to show that side of himself. WARNING, ITS ALL PRETTY GRAPHIC, lol. Warning Again: F***ing Graphic.
  8. Happy Birthday to me!

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    2. Tom Sestito
    3. Crom!


      Happy Birthday RiCk GrImEs.

    4. JohnLocke


      Happy Birthday Rick! Keep up with them Coral jokes

  9. Congrats on 15,000 posts! :o

  10. More good news, there is hope if they keep signing and pushing the guys they are.
  11. Wow.....That was a SH!T PPV ending.... If they'd just left it with Ambrose getting the win......people would have gone home happy, they just shat all over it.....
  12. Listening to Stamkos' interview after the game; he sounds ready to do something special.

    1. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      He sounds like he actually received a formal education, unlike half the league...

    2. Rick Grimes

      Rick Grimes

      That too, lol.

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Had all of his cliches lined up and ready.

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