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  1. No. I pushed back on your post and you were seemingly incredulous that I dare question your authority. I’m not toxic, you are just acting out instead of reflecting on what you wrote. I mean c’mon, you are trying to police everyone in this thread. I suggest you go back and look, or don’t, idc. Anyways, I love Gurn’s energy and Jimmy’s pragmatism but I doubt we will get anything but the usual virtue signalling from the usual suspects. Voting is the only way to put your opinion into action but it really doesn’t seem to carry much weight does it? I don’t have the solution, I don’t think anyone save the PM has it? At least in terms of funding (found some cash for Covid relief but not Waywayseecappo?). I like the thought behind investing in a memorial but it again smacks of virtue signalling to me. A memorial for Canada to look upon and feel better about itself instead of actually helping the people(s) that were victimized. IMO, we should put all available monies, donations, volunteers into ensuring every First Nations community has infrastructure and access to clean, running water etc etc etc. I don’t know how, but the politicians need to keep the thought of the publicity of unveiling a touching memorial out of their heads and focus on actually keeping future First Nations peoples from continuing to die too young. A virtue signal from me, but seriously, why has this not happened yet? Why are towns like Waywayseecappo still in so much trouble? This gov’t (and others) seem to never fail at explaining how sorry they are while doing nothing to actually help. Maybe sports teams and businesses that are eager to plaster themselves with orange hearts for all to see would be willing to put their money where their mouths are (pipe dream, but whatever). I wonder if the church would be able to spare some coin....may need to revisit their tax status....
  2. I imagine this was what residential schools expected of their prisoners/pupils.
  3. $&@% all racists. Those who abused First Nations peoples then and now, and the CRT pimps in this thread. Seriously, go $&@# yourselves.
  4. This list will not be as original as others. Good music is good music, even if it is now considered mainstream. 1. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power My introduction to metal, will be forever grateful. 2. Metallica - Master of Puppets Probably the best metal album ever. Never gets old. 3. Ministry - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste This band is criminally underrated. Their live shows were so $&@#ing entertaining. 4. Soulfly - Primitive Incredible album reminds me of many great nights with friends and teammates. Loved that this band experimented with different genres and who doesn’t enjoy tribal drums? (And yes, also a Sepultura fan). The posted song is one of my favourites. 5. Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists In The Air Another great album that never gets old, love that I can play it through without skipping a single track. This was a difficult list to make as there are many albums that influenced me that I didn’t mention as they either aren’t really considered metal or they just did not have enough bangers IMO to make the list. Some of my other loves: Surfer Rosa, Independent Worm Saloon, Nevermind, No Control, RATM, Demanufacture, Bloody Pit of Horror, Toxicity, All Hope Is Gone, Chamber Music, Doolittle, Pioughed. Also any song performed by Floor Jansen.
  5. Those of us who know you, understand you are a quality person. Stay strong bby, you have my support!
  6. Butthole Surfers feat “young” Ozzy? Sign me up
  7. Yes this is what I mull over when conflating one side with the other in respect to scientific facts and the push back involved. I wonder how many scientists experience the “Who Killed the Electric Car” scenario compared to others? A scary thought. The act of scaring young scientists into disciplines that are career safe and unchallenging might prevent innovations like the electric car from ever being created in the first place. I wonder if the first nuclear vehicle or other volatile propulsion system will face the scrutiny of the uninformed activist as opposed to the scientific peer? What could offend the activist? Environmental impact? Health impact? Social impact? Perhaps I am simply guilty of romanticizing the act of innovation. I hope so. I see religion comes up often and I find it funny to be the one to offer up a minor defence for it since I am an atheist. IMO, religion and science can co-exist only if science takes precedence in real world applications. I have no problem if someone uses their religion to make themselves a better person. However, if it is used to coerce or police others then it can GTFO. I look at social media as a game changer, and not just for refuting science facts. A left-winger wielding a hashtag can force a CEO to fire anyone in his/her company who offends the “customer” simply because that CEO has chosen to publicly join the woke brigade of inclusion and is now obligated to do their bidding without due process or a proper analysis. Previously, a team of lawyers and publicists would shield a company from the wrath of public opinion but nowadays CEO’s are in the trenches trading blows with everyone and their dog and they are pressured to act immediately or risk losing revenue. A right-winger can barely find a platform to post their content haha. Yes, this consequence is largely their own damn fault (RIP Clam and Harvey), but there are liberals on platforms who are being called right-wingers and being banned for just bringing up controversial subjects that are not remotely conservative talking points. That is another slippery slope that worries me and puts me in the position of having to defend the right-wing’s right to a platform for them to post whatever crap they want, within reason of course. I would be bummed if I lost the ability to follow George Will as much as I would if I could no longer follow Noam Chomsky. Both are important voices. I am aware that this online activism is a fairly recent development but I fear this is only the beginning. I want healthy debate across all platforms and I want a healthy opposition to better keep ourselves grounded in reality. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts at the very least.
  8. Interesting, have not heard this perspective before. I am assuming this is referring to greed and the relationship with capitalism and the evolution of such a union?
  9. Very true and I should add that I know Rupe’s heart is in the right place and he is a smart guy. Certainly knew that I was opening a can of worms and I was willing to take some hits until we reach the place necessary to have what is I believe to be a very interesting discussion. I can’t wait to get to @The Lock ‘s post which is a good one.
  10. Never said that which is why I wanted you to quote my post. My assertion is that both left and right are guilty, not just the right. Equality of blame was never in mind. My controversial opinion, and yes it is open to change, is that the left will do more damage to science than the right if we continue down this path of unvetted activism.
  11. They don’t have to represent the main stream, social media has allowed them to bypass the vetting process and go right to the source. That is the point and I was hoping for your thoughts on online activism and your opinion on cancel culture and it’s effect on universities and their scientists. If you don’t feel like offering an opinion, that’s ok. I’m disappointed if that’s the case but c’est la vie. I would ask you to prove it but I really do not care about the numbers as it does not have anything to do with my position which you have unequivocally failed to address. The numbers are not important, what is important is the fact that the left has a mob of online activists influencing everything from policy to science in a very negative manner. I respect your position Rupe and was hoping you would offer your own opinion instead of just a criticism of mine.
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