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  1. 16 minutes ago, DonLever said:

    The photo ops are targeted at the Canadian South Asian electorate.  The Liberals and Trudeau are immensely popular with the East Indian community and the Liberals are consolidating their hold on them.   In the last election, the Liberals swept all of the Surrey Ridings and the South Vancouver riding with its large South Asian community.   Just look at the number of East Indian cabinet ministers and the Defense minister.   The Liberal awarded their supporters very well.

    Translation: It's ok to do it for votes, but not to have fun and drink with your buddies on a holiday dedicated to dressing up

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  2. Just now, Green Building said:

    I think this thread is interesting at times, my involvement here is directly a result of a vested interest in $&!# [hopefully not] going sour south of us due to how it will affect Canada. I do wish people would try and stick to being as factual as possible, especially with how we view our local media and how they treat the Canucks over the years. If we don't appreciate their distortions of the truth, why replicate the same behavior here and expect others to feel any different toward each other here?

    Good luck with that... seems the majority of the news here are tweets...

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  3. 1 minute ago, Green Building said:

    Perhaps that's because you don't feel like you're constantly skirting the line on how you deal with sensitive and divisive issues, and as such, would be able to render a somewhat educated guess as to what it was that tipped the scales in favour of a ban?  


    That's how I view it with myself, anyways. I know precisely when I'm near a line, either post or don't post in accordance with the rules of the board, and very occasionally push the line because I think something is funny.   


    I learned law from Jake Brigance and Darby Shaw so you're well ahead of me.


  4. Just now, RUPERTKBD said:

    Well, I'd say this is a job for one of your "hacker" friends. Either that, or the time machine. (I doubt the Tarot cards would be much help)

    Tarot cards didn't help... both the time machine and the hackers are too expensive for something this small... like I said, the ban got rescinded, the guy who originally reported me got banned himself, so it all worked out in the end...


    I'm fine with not knowing the rest of the details

  5. 8 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Well, since I don't believe in prayer and would feel kind of awkward asking the mods if someone ratted me out, I suppose I'll just have to carry on not being reported. (or failing that, comporting myself in such a fashion that mods see any reports against me as obvious "nothingburgers")


    Why would you feel awkward talking to the mods? When you get a notification that you've been reported, it doesn't say for what... if you're at all curious or have any interest in correcting your behavior you need more information

  6. 1 minute ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Well, since I don't believe in prayer and would feel kind of awkward asking the mods if someone ratted me out, I suppose I'll just have to carry on not being reported. (or failing that, comporting myself in such a fashion that mods see any reports against me as obvious "nothingburgers")

    I've also been banned (it was later rescinded) for posting a picture of a puppy with the words "Your adorable" when someone swore at me... those are 2 very clear and obvious instances of "nothingburgers"....


    The mods are human and can make mistakes too, quite often they are pretty busy and don't take the time to wade through pages of posts to find context for things... They are also generally pretty good at answering questions in private and are pretty helpful - I don't know who it was that reported me, but when I got the notification for the report I wasn't sure what it was for and asked. They responded...  just be thankful the people you argue against aren't "report" happy...

  7. Just now, RUPERTKBD said:

    Just curious: How does one know that they've been reported, rather than a mod just happening onto objectionable posting?

    There's a few ways... you can pray to God and ask for answers, he usually will let you know whats happening... you can also use a special communications device to contact the alien over lords - this one is a bit more tricky as they generally require some sort of sacrifice for their help. Alternatively, there are a few members out there who can hack the boards, and use Stealths log in information to find out what you want to know. Recently, I've been dabbling with time travel - although this method is easily the most dangerous. My personal favorite is using tarot cards - it can take a while, but it's the most cost effective method once you've already invested in a pack.

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  8. Just now, Scottish⑦Canuck said:

    Not trying to drag you into anything. Just thought instead of you making useless, baseless posts about people crying to mods you could address something that you've been quick enough to jump into in the past without hesitation.

    Not baseless, I've been reported to the mods a few times for things that are pretty nonsense quite recently... the last one was for saying "bovine feces"...


    I'm sure the same person will try and report me again


  9. Just now, Hypocritical Cranium said:

    Kudos Dral. It also appears best to keep our opinions quiet. If not, you get forced into one party or the other. It will then be used against you forever. You will be sworn at (see Toews quoted post) and your friends will be called inbred and dimwitted. You can express concerns for other members family and be told that is a bad thing. But hey, my cranium is hypocritical so I probably won't listen to my own mind from the center. 

    I think this latest just proved it doesn't matter if you keep your opinions quiet or not, you'll still get pigeon holed into an ideology regardless, then vilified and sworn at...


    It's cool though, I keep coming back to this thread because it's a train wreck and I enjoy watching it.

  10. Just now, Scottish⑦Canuck said:

    Probably because you appear to be wasting your time siding with the person that made the claim in the first place.

    I side with a lot of people a lot of the time, but not any one person all of the time...


    It's pretty cute that you're trying to drag me into this specific topic when I haven't expressed an opinion on it... I'm not really bothered, I'm pretty used to people like you misrepresenting my ideas so why would I expect any different just because I haven't even given an opinion

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  11. Just now, Scottish⑦Canuck said:

    Out of interest @Dral, I remember being involved in a discussion relating to rape and sexual abuse a few months back where it was pretty much unanimously agreed that it would be terrible to be accused of something that you didn't do, especially when there isn't really any evidence for it. Just wondering why you've stayed silent on this Biden nonsense? He's being accused of pedophilia without evidence. That's plain disgusting. For the record, I don't agree with any of the juvenile Ivanka stuff either, although to be fair Donald dug himself a bit of a hole by saying that he would tap that if she wasn't his daughter.


    Also, this thread isn't going to last long at this rate. What a mess.

    When 15 people are already calling someone out on it, why do I need to waste my time adding to it? I prefer to spend my time calling people out when no one else is

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  12. 49 minutes ago, thedestroyerofworlds said:

    He is what I will say about your questions:


    I may have posted once in a while something that may have been incorrect.  HOWEVER, that is different different different than posting time and again garbage post after garbage post.  Conspiracy post after conspiracy post.  Post after post tick tock.  Post after post from hyper-partisan conspiracy sites.  There are a few who fall in this category.   I'm not going to name names.  

    Yup... people on both sides are doing it...


    There's enough people calling out the crazies on the right atm 


  13. 1 hour ago, thedestroyerofworlds said:

    So that's why people have been critical of TRUMP!!, he's from the other party?




    Is it due to his behaviour and some/most of the policy that has been passed/pushed?


    Example no (insert large number here):


    Is TRUMP!!'s public chastising of his attorney general good?  Is it the kind of behaviour you would want from POTUS?  Doesn't TRUMP!! realize that Sessions was doing what any reasonable person would have done in Sessions position. 


    Yup, people just overreacting because he has an R by his name. Not wishing they had a better person in the oval.  

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to these questions.... but for the fun of it...


    Have you seen Trump wrongly criticized? Have you seen Trump criticized using faulty reasoning/arguments? Have you pointed this out to people when it happens?




    I don't point out these bad arguments and criticisms because I support Trump, I do it because I expect better from people, and when you let it slip by often enough, you give Trump his "fake news" excuse and it sticks.


    Anyways, I just said both sides have good and bad and you replied with basically, no Trump is all bad... so thanks for proving my point

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  14. 5 minutes ago, The Lock said:

    I think Obama at least did not trigger people in the way Trump has.


    Then again, I also think part of Obama's issue was more that people don't like change which fed the propaganda machines.

    a big part of that is the media is mostly liberal, so they generally side with left wing politicians and policies... but the right wing media definitely made a big deal out of every little thing Obama did

  15. 9 minutes ago, The Lock said:

    Thinking about this, a government is generally supposed to represent the people of those who elected that government; however, this isn't going to be the case, ever. You obviously have the people who are picking who they deem as the "lesser of 2 evils". You also have people who agree with a couple of things the government does and nothing more than that. You also have the voters who are easily manipulated by propaganda.


    Therefore, you are going to get people triggered no matter who you have in power. That being said, a government that triggers a large population of it's people is never healthy for a country.

    In a polarized 2 party system, you're pretty much screwed...


    to be far though, no one paid much attention to the crazies when Obama was in power...

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