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Guide to Proper C&C

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Alright, I'll say it loud and clear: You're guys' C&C is pretty damn bruuuuuutal. Hopefully this guide will improve C&C in this forum and eventually help everyone move forward.

1) Start off with the GOOD. There is no point to C&C if you have nothing good to say. Good is just as important as the bad. By knowing what you did well, you can hopefully develop what you did well into something better.

2) Now, start pointing out the weaknesses of the sig. Don't be harsh and cause drama. Be polite. Don't be picky or unreasonable. (NOTE: Before you say something negative, think about how the piece would look without it. And that bring us to our next step...)

3) Tell the creator WHY the negatives look bad and HOW you can fix it. This is the big missing piece in our C&C.

4) Summarize and maybe some words of encouragement.

Chances are, the better your C&C the better C&C you will get back. Try to point out more than 1 thing for each category and don't be lazy or selfish. We have more active members than MANY gfx boards and hopefully we can grow. It all starts from the roots and that's C&C.



Comments that don't help the creator of the sig at all and are just there to boost your post count will be DELETED. An example of this would be:

"nice 6/10"

That will get deleted.

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Copied directly from SGFX.

Please, when you leave feedback, make sure it is constructive and helpful to the creator.

Simply putting "not your best" or "I've seen better" is not enough. Put something so that the creator will learn how to improve on their work.


Yeah, the bg colour is a bit dull. Theres no real variation and some brighter more exciting colours may make it more exciting. Clipping masks look fairly good around the render, Id move the render over to the left of the canvas more though. text could be improved, I tihnk only one main font over to the right would look best. Maybe some red lighitng around the render as well?

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Are you guys interested in some sort of thread structuring rules for this forum and the request forum to be implemented? So you don't get a whole bunch of threads titled along the lines of "Luongo" and "Playoffs".

Maybe a process so that people know which requests have actually been fulfilled already as well..

I know there used to be rules for the request forum, but since Syntax resigned, it hasn't really been upheld.

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