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Hey fans, a new GM sim league has been created, with fresh rosters after the trade deadline, and right now we are asking anyone who is committed and would be willing to be active to join this league. Its a sick, and well-organized league with simple but strict rules. The teams that are available as of March 5 are:

Anaheim Ducks

Atlanta Thrashers

Buffalo Sabres

Calgary Flames

Carolina Hurricanes

Columbus Blue Jackets

Florida Panthers

Nashville Predators

New York Islanders

New Jersey Devils

St. Louis Blues


Here is the link to the site: http://2minutesforroughing.forumotion.ca/

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Looking for people to join. Experienced Fantasy Hockey Managers only please. This is a realistic league with salary cap based on actual NHL value.

I am posting this for my friend the admin, feel free to scope it out and you can apply to join by posting on the team selction thread. the commish will get back to you shortly.

The Fantasy Draft order will be determined by a lottery. I will pull teams out of a hat going from 30th to 1st overall and then I'll post the Fantasy Draft order in a new thread where we can start picking players. It will be a snake draft, meaning if you have the 30th overall pick, you'll then have the 1st pick in the next round, so on and so forth.

The Fantasy Draft will consist of 25 rounds. Players who have not played in an NHL game before the 2010-2011 season CANNOT BE DRAFTED. So players who were in the NHL 2010 Entry Draft are not eligible in this Fantasy Draft, as well as any player who has not played atleast one NHL game before the 2010-2011 NHL season, for example players like Kevin Shattenkirk, Oliver Ekman-Larsson cannot be drafted since they did not play a game before the 2010-2011 NHL season, despite them being drafted before 2010.

This is so every team will draft eligible/rated players and not draft prospects for the whole duration of the Fantasy Draft.

After the completion of the Fantasy Draft, we will hold a 10 round Prospect Draft, which then you ARE ALLOWED to draft prospects, as well as players who were drafted in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, so players like Taylor Hall, and Jeff Skinner are eligible to be drafted in this draft. The Prospect Draft order will be in reverse order of that of the Fantasy Draft.

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Ever wanted to create your own player and compete to be win a championship? Maybe you're like Ovechkin and you want to score 50 goals a season. Or, perhaps you want to be like Henrik Sedin and lead the league in assists every year. Of course, being a heavyweight like Derek Boogaard, or a punishing defenseman like Zdeno Chara can be rewarding too.

Now, with the Simulation Hockey League, you have a chance to create your own player and define your own legacy! check it out:


How does it work? Simple: first, create your account for the forums, then you create your player from scratch, full of all the customization you could dream of, from the create a player form. You pick from what type of player you are, whether it be grinder, two-way forward, offensive forward, defensive defenseman, or offensive defenseman.

We're close to starting season 4, and we are looking for more members to take part in a junior league that will happen in around a week, you will get drafted by one of the 6 junior league teams, which will get the GM's to "scout" you before the SHL entry draft at the end of the season.

Sign up and create your player as fast as you can because the NWJHL(our junior league) draft is coming up. The junior league is where all prospects(new members) will go. You will be able to prove yourself in the juniors and take part in point tasks to improve your player. You can then declare for the SHL draft after your 1st season in NWJHL if you think your ready.

The SHL is run by experienced administrators who love simulation hockey, and are devoted to making the league a great experience for all of its members. It uses the SimonT Hockey Simulator for simming all of the games, and will provide live play by play (and with it an exciting atmosphere) for each simulated game.

you can improve your player, negotiate your contract, you can find a job to earn yourself some extra cash (used to improve your player).

If your interested and have any questions you can pm me, and I can get you started.

Also, we are having a recruitment drive, and for every person you recruit into the game, you can get an attribute point to make yourself a better scorer/passer/fighter/keeper/ etc.

So sign up and have fun.

Also, please say you were referred by Hanson94, I will really appreciate it.

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New fantasy hockey points-based keeper league. Right now it is me and 6 or 7 of my buddies.

This will be a MONEY league. Yearly dues will be $50. You will be provided with rock-solid assurance on the funds. Only available to people based in Vancouver for simplicity.

It will be a 20-team league with 5 prospect spaces available.

25 pro-player roster.

PM me for more information or to join. Limited spots.


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