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[Proposal/discussion] Jeff Cartering Ryan Kesler

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GMMG won't ask a player to waive his NTC.

Kesler's NTC clause doesn't begin until the end of next season.

Kesler's diving is becoming an embarrassment and it only gets the other team fired up. It is one thing to dive when you're playing like a star, it's another when you're playing like a 45 point 3rd line center.

Here's one idea I had, it is very similar to the Jeff Carter trade, except Kesler *should* be slightly more valuable than Carter considering his contract as well as his defensive abilities.

To Toronto: Ryan Kesler

To Vancouver: Nazem Kadri, Luke Schenn, 5th overall pick + a 4th round pick

Filip Forsberg could be the Canucks' Sean Couterier.

There's probably other good options. Do you think GMMG will consider this as an option? This thread might be a bit too reactionary, but as a fan, I am embarrassed by what Kesler has been doing.

Burke needs a big center that can play 1st line. Lupul - Kesler - Kessel would be his new first line.


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While I'm not against this type of situation(could be beneficial long-term), we have to remember we are trading a guy who is well liked in our locker room, a guy who took a discount to stay in Vancouver, and a guy who gives it 100%.

I'm really not sure but an interesting thought.

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Are you serious, who are you going to use to replace our 2nd line center-men? Kesler isn't going anywhere, he's part of the core, and I feel that Kesler not being able to do any off-season training has him not prepared for this season. Look for him to rebound next season.

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