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  1. Because hockey culture perpetuates and is rooted in homophobia Because representation matters in a society built on heteronormative values and standards. Hope this helps.
  2. This is an okay deal on paper. Dickinson is a good age and can play a defensive game. Doesn't really do much else, however.
  3. Edmonton Oilers select Jack Harvey and Theo Rochette @kj29
  4. Great hire. Yet, some in here are as bitter as could be. Makes you wonder..
  5. Apologies. Let's go with Luke Mittelstadt
  6. Edmonton Oilers select Brent Johnson @donut47
  7. Edmonton Oilers select Francesco Arcuri @Canuck Surfer
  8. There's a major difference. Grabner was traded nearly 4 years after he was drafted, He had ample AHL time, some NHL time, and was moved in a deal to acquire a top 4 defenceman - something the team was looking to add at the time, evident from this trade and later adding Hamhuis just a few weeks on. There was a fairly decent sample size to see what Grabner could do and where he could fit. It's worth mentioning that two different management groups saw him play. At the end of the day, the Canucks moved Grabner knowing that they had Raymond, Samuelsson, Burrows, and Daniel to play i
  9. Again, the point is that for all the rhetoric that this team was screwed and hasn't had enough time to find good d-men, we quite literally drafted one and gave him up at first opportunity. Not sure how Chicago and Carolina not having room for him is relevant to this, at all. Sure, their losses, but we're the ones that drafted him and shipped him out not even a full season later.
  10. A lot of you top bluewhitegreenorca fanboys are missing the point. This has less to do with Forsling and his career path and more to do with the "talent evaluator" at the helm. This should help.
  11. 1. 2014/15 2. 2015/16 3. 2016/17 4. 2017/18 5. 2018/19 6. 2019/20 7. 2020/21 or just 2021 since the season started in January (this past season) 8. 2021/22 (this upcoming season) Unless he gets fired between now and October, he will be entering his 8th season as GM.
  12. Huh? Edler was 28 when Benning took over. Benning's been on the job for 7 years and will be entering his 8th season later this year. How is this Gillis' fault lmfao?
  13. Not sure what Gillis has to do with things considering he hasn't been the GM in nearly a decade. But, in any event, the Canucks got pretty decent mileage out of Ben Hutton (who they let walk for free as an RFA) Hope this helps.
  14. What a great decision it was to trade this guy for 17 games of Adam Clendening. Definitely no need for him as we look to extend Edler's contract for the 55th time and cycle through more LD in free-agency. But we have the best "talent evaluator" GM. Riiiight. Makes you wonder..
  15. Very creative name and logo. Well worth the delay in the announcement!
  16. Edmonton Oilers select Jack O'Brien @Kobayashi Marux 2
  17. Edmonton selects Peter Reynolds @Watermelons
  18. Stupendous W. I've been fortunate to see a WC win and Euro win in my lifetime and that makes me very grateful for Italy. On the other hand, heart-broken for Saka. Very bittersweet but he'll grow from it. We'll need him to grow from it as Arsenal depends on him heavily, both now and in the future.
  19. Well, as it stands, we're already A without the cup, so may as well give us the cup and let us get back to what we're used to.
  20. Edmonton Oilers select William Stromgren @donut47
  21. England the best team in this tournament? LOL... They might very well go on to beat Italy and win but let's not act like we've been witnessing Brazil 1970 here. 2 goals in the group stage against a finished Croatia, Scotland, and Czech Republic, knockout wins over a very poor Germany (who probably should have made it 1-1 before it became 2-0), a Ukraine that only just got by Sweden, and overachieving Denmark. Heck, it took them a dodgy penalty + a laser to even get by the Danes. At the end of the day, you can only play who's in front of you but again, quite an easy pa
  22. Edmonton Oilers select Corson Ceulemans @donut47 next
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