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  1. Carter Hart Trophy because he's easily been our most important player tonight. Love to see it.
  2. But back to business. Two periods, tons left to play. Gotta take it up a gear and get a win.
  3. Myers penalty, Poolman off the skate and in. Class of the NHL, your team could never <3 cue the Benny Hill theme...
  4. When the inference being made is that Hughes will make more than Dahlin, then yes. Also, please stop projecting with that last statement. It's cringe and concerning.
  5. It's fine. And on that note, I also think Pettersson's deal is also fair, although not ideal (even if you want to make the argument that gutting our depth in three years to afford his raise is part of "the plan"). I think that had we had budgeted more cap-space instead of spending on bottom-pair defencemen like Hamonic, Poolman, we would have been able to get 8 year deals done for both. None of this negative or criticism, just an opinion on how we allocated money. Time and time again, this gets lost on so many users lol.
  6. Right. So an observation/correct prediction = complaint now. Gotcha.
  7. Nah. 8 year deals are cool. As for the bolded, I'd love to know where and when that happened.
  8. I can practically taste the projection coming off in your post. Not a good look. Hope this helps.
  9. Not quite. "Real life" isn't exactly comprised of the same boomers, and troglodytes, and "#WeAreAllCanucks" merchants that reside on CDC I don't need to hope for help, or be made to wonder, or even think about how nice things must be *that* often
  10. The world works hard, but AV works a little harder
  11. I wonder if Green will release Podkolzin from Azkaban this game. Would be nice to see top-10 picks actually play the game
  12. A bunch of defensive posts that just might be worth 9.5M annually, also ...
  13. Another day, another star signed to 8 years. Must. Be. Nice.
  14. Probably Toronto or Vancouver. Habs and Oilers could have a chance, though. Senators a long-shot. Flames and Jets are finished.
  15. Move on....is that something Pettersson will be doing in 3 years?
  16. Another day, another big star signed for the long-term. "Must. Be. Nice"
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