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Final Thought And A Little Perspective


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First I just want to say thank you to the Canucks, we're all a little depressed right now but you guys are the best team we've ever had the pleasure to cheer for and we know you'll be back in the hunt next year.

Well, that sucked, I know we weren't supposed to come back but I really had a feeling that we were going to win that game and then it would have been series on. Unfortunately we ran into the traditional playoff nightmare, a hot goalie. I thought that the Canucks played well enough to win three games but they just couldn't get the puck by him. Schneids played great you can't ask your goalie to get a shutout every game.

I was very disappointed when that goal went in in OT last night, but if I take a step back and distance myself from wanting to win I really think that it's probably better this way in the long run. If you look at the teams we'd have to go through the rest of the way it would either be Nashville and then most likely ST. Louis, or Chicago and then either ST. Louis or Nashville. Either way that's a tough tough road that's going to be physically taxing and a real tossup in terms of who would win. I think Nashville would be particularly difficult, and now that the Canucks are out I think that they are going to win the cup. The Canucks had a long playoff run last year that was physically damaging and shortened the training season. As disappointing as a first round exit is this will give the team ample time recuperate and train their butts off over the summer, we all know how much they want to win and how hungry they'll be next year. Basically, I really just feel that this wasn't our year and as much as it sucks, an early exit may be better in the long run.


Up until game four I was in the camp that firmly expected Schneider to be traded, I'm far from sure now. I love Luongo and nothing would make me happier than to see him lifting the cup above his head in a Canucks jersey, however, I think he's the wrong choice going forward. Schneider is an amazing young goalie who will be the future of the franchise wherever he plays, for all those who say that he hasn't played starter minutes and is unproven...you watch, this guys gonna be great. Luongos history here and all the story lines around him are so big it doesn't matter what he does on the ice, its sad but it's time for both parties to move on in my opinion. Couple this with the fact that Tampa Bay desperately needs a goalie and is in a position where Luongo would be a good fit and it begins to look like a real possibility. No rebuilding team would want Luongo, it wouldn't make sense, and there aren't really any contenders in need, but Tampa Bay is right on that cusp, if you add Luongo then they're a good shutdown defender and maybe one or two more players away from being a contender. So I see this as a real possibility but we must be ready to get less than we would like for Luongo because of his contract, age, and the lack of trading partners for him.


If Kesler gets back to 30 G 70 P territory next year then I'm perfectly happy with the group that we have and I'm hoping that a long summer of training helps him to get back to that level. I would like to see Raymond gone and a big body who can skate and is able to chip some goals to replace him, a Wayne Simmonds type would be perfect but I don't know if that will be possible. I have to say I'm not sold on Pahlsson, my vote would be to let him go and find somebody else to fill the gap.


I'm very curious to see what our D looks like next year.I'm not sure if Salo will retire but either way I think we'll be ok, the team's going to have to learn to play without him eventually. I'd still like to see that shutdown guy that we were all clamoring for at the deadline. I liked the look of Ballard before he got hurt and I thought he was great in the few playoff games he played, if he can keep it up next year we might finally see the Ballard we thought we traded for. I expect to see Tanev up full time next year paired with Ballard which is awesome. I think we're pretty set for D but I would really like one real solid shut down D man, the Weber/Suter dream is just that...but we can hope.


I liked what AV did in the LA series, he did what he could with what he had while Daniel was out and when he came back it was really obvious how much the team had missed him. The move to start Schneider was gutsy and in my opinion the right move. He tried everything he could to light a fire under Keslers butt short of literally lighting a fire under his butt. And Kesler played well he just couldn't get that puck in the back of the net. I like AV and don't think he deserves to be fired but I could see it happening as a way to shake things up a little since we know the core of the group isn't changing.

Thanks for reading, good luck with the hang overs.

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i agree with your assessment....scoring goals and our power play seem to be the real problem areas....i also think a top four d-man and someone to help edler improve his game would solidify our D.....i think they could move lapierre to third line center with higgy and hansen......i don't think our first and third line need changing....that second line, should have been so good.....

ballard gave the puck away a couple of times last night....i hope he can improve on that.....hammy, juice, tanev and edler are keepers, but we might have to trade a guy like edler to get the d-man we want...(weber)....

newell brown will come under fire but i'm not convinced that the player's lack of scoring isn't the main reason for all the failures...

going forward, we may have to move lu, kes and edler to get the players we need....lu and kes to detroit and edler to nashville...

hopefully both kes and edler can get their games back but if not?

i would love to be a fly on the wall in the canuck's war room.....next year fellows..

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I too agree with most of your post. I, however, would've preferred to see a ST.Louis or Nashville match up.

I have to believe that after the show Schneids put on combined with the decision to play Schneids in game 4 that Lou's demise in Vancouver is certain. Put simply, I believe Cory is the better goalie and is Vancouver's new #1.

Our first line is solid. It's our second line that needs help. In order for the Sedins to continue being successful, the second line needs to put up better offensive numbers, as this makes it necessary for the opposition to spread out it's defensive shutdown players and opening up the game. This plays right into the Sedin's game. I think Kesler's injury played havoc on his physical readiness which, in turn, depressed his confidence. A long rest both mentally and physically, I believe, will prove invaluable to his successes next season. This being said, I still think they need an effective play making winger to compliment Kesler and Booth.

I saw in another thread, someone desired to see LaPierre moved up to the third line. I have to agree. LaPierre, Higgins and Hansen would make a pretty nice shut down line. Also, I am curious to see Pinizzotto again. Last spring it appeared that he had earned a spot in the line up until his untimely injury which cost him the season.

Defensively, we are suspect. A lack of grit along with let downs at times cost us dearly. None are more apparent than the Hamhuis ill advised rush which caused the season ending goal. I feel a Norris type defenseman is going to be necessary for this team to be successful.

AV is a good coach and the team likes him. I don't think a change is necessary. Give him more to work with and he will succeed.

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Yeah i just dont get their lack of the hunger this year... a disappointment hangover? I actually agree with john garrett that theyve tuned out av after that many years with the core group....THAT Said i think the word fun needs to be taken out of their vocabulary...Its work aka their job...Seems like av would be fun to hang out with but lacks the necessary tools to inspire and get results from his players..What other coach leaves the dressing room to their own devices... it seems like it led to the usual suspects having sub par performances all season...

The only other criticism i have is that we might as well be the rookie graveyard here... Im impressed that philly is getting results from 6 rookies on their team... Our concussed leading scorer not back til game 4 and the hotter goalie not being inserted til game 3 was just too little too late.... Not what they envisioned for sure...But that's the way it goes sometimes... Til next year boys! Gcg!!

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Well in the last game AV's 4 line had some energy at the start. AV then did not use them very much in the rest of the game. He was trying deperately to come up with an answer juggling like never before. By doing this he messed up any chemistry they had in the game. He's been here long enough. They keep talking about the core group when it is really only one guy: Alex Burrows, AV's go-to guy. Well even Alex has had enough of AV I think.

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I would also agree with most everything that's been said. As great a goaltender as Luongo is, and as much as I've loved watching him play (most of the time), I would much rather see Schneids take over and Lu get traded back to Florida - both TB and the Panthers would stand to benefit from having him.

I have to say I really enjoyed watching the Kesler/Burrows/Lapierre line, and I suspect given time to develop they would be a pretty consistent threat. I don't know if Mason Raymond will survive the summer, but I know he has a lot more potential that we've seen lately.

Not sure about AV either, I mean on the one hand he brought us to two consecutive President's Cups, which is by no means the cup we wanted but it's still a pretty respectable accolade nonetheless.

Regardless, I'm not liking this hangover. At least last year when we lost it was only a two month wait to the pre-season. What the hell am I gonna do for the next 5 months?

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Well I kinda agree with whats been said... However, after watching an interview with Coach V on Global TV with Squire Barnes and Randene Neill it was very obvious AV did not have a lot of faith in his team. When asked if the Canucks were at 100% how would they do this year? His reply was essentially that there are a lot of teams in the league this year that are very good. His also explained that his approach is very hands-off. He leaves the dressing room to the team and his philosophy is to let the team leaders lead the team.

Coach AV was basically outcoached by Coach Sutter. Sutter made adjustments to the way LA played. They learned quickly how to intercept the little back pass from the advancing Vancouver D. That adjustment cost Vancouver at least a couple of goals. Good tactical coaching! AV did not do a good job from a tactical perspective. The only game that the Canucks changed their powerplay formation and changed the way they gained the offensive zone without the dump-in was the game Vancouver won. All the other games they kept using the same tactics which played right into LA's sticks.

One could argue that motivating players at this level is unecessary. Scotty Bowman, perhaps the greatest hockey coach ever, said that each player needs to be motivated in different ways and it was his job to figure out which method works best for each player. AV's hands-off style indicates that he believes that the players have to be self-motivated. This years performance showed that their drive and confidence was not there. LA on the other hand got the most from its players. LA's 4th line outmanned and outworked whatever Vancouver line was on the ice despite Vancouver having far better and more skilled players. Good motivational coaching!

The team lost because of mistakes. Mistakes that may not have happened if the team had a tactical and motivational advantage.

This years players were much better than last years. For the most part the new players are far better than the players we gave up and some of the younger players are better now than they were in last years playoffs. However the "team" is no where near as good as they were last year. The question is; Whos responsibility is to make a better team? The coaching staff, upper management, the owners, the players... perhaps everybody.

I guess we shall see as the summer progresses...

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