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  1. snucks

    Jim benning

    The biggest problem is after a pretty good playoffs, the Canucks still have Erikson and Sutter and Edler. They have some new players to try out but it may be difficult to recoup the magic without the Tanev, Stetcher, and Markestrum. One the other hand they are younger, bigger, and less injured. Green is still an enigma after doing pretty well in the playoffs, but I believe he was successful in the playoffs because he quit meddling and let the players play, except for Virtanen. So I think the team got Benning off the hook so to speak, by their excellent effort in the playoffs. So the team still has some problems to rid itself of but hopefully it won't be like starting all over again. Not another 10 yrs till the playoffs. Seattle will probably end up with a team like Vegas so Canucks need to keep it going. I like the prospect of having 2 very capable Goalies, not one.
  2. Canuck management has always tried to bank on their #1 goalie to play most games. A coach must be able to pick the better goalie for each game , not just ride a goalie till he fails. Green still doesn't have the instincts and adaptablity in game situations, but he did pretty good despite tihings.
  3. Canucks can't score if they play most of the game in their own end. The team is still not tough enough to survive a playoff series against a big, fast, and tough team like Vegas. Of course the penalty to Miller near the end was bad. What happens to Reeves now ? Is he suspended ? Did the league review his hit on Motte? Anyway the Canucks gave it their best shot. Most of them that is. So much for the Covid format. The game needs crowds. What will management do now ? WHEN DOES THE NEXT SEASON START?
  4. So that means from now on Canucks will use a very tired No1 goalie.
  5. It might be that Green is afraid to ruffle Markstrums feathers so to speak. Canucks did that with Luongo too. The coach is the decider and has to know what he is doing and when his goalie is off his game. There was one game a little while back where Green actually did put Demko in the 3rd period. no goals were scored on him. If a backup isn't good enough to use at times then that goalie shouldn't be on the team. Demko is quite capeable and sometimes you have to rest your No1. Vegas rested their goalie nut not the Canucks.
  6. The Canucks don't have enough nasty players to combat a team like Vegas every night. The Canucks team needs to get bigger and meaner.
  7. Green should have rested Markstrum in game 4. He seems reluctant to put Demko in even when Markstrum is tired or a little off. Its called adapting to game sitautions and its called coaching. But Vigneau wasn't great at adapting to game situations either.
  8. Another problem was Edler who tried to goal tend and so blocked our goalie from seeing the puck. Of course the main failure was the coaching.
  9. Yeah, the team wasn't ready. Boeser had no body playing at his rate. Petersen wasn't protected. In general it wasn't a well coached or well played game by the nucks. The canucks were totally handled by the "Wild" who are not wild, just good at shutting down skaters. Where the hell was Virtanen who had been scoring this year ?
  10. This might be a blessing in disguise for the canucks. A few weeks will give injuries time to heal. And they can look for a better coach.
  11. snucks

    Fire Green!

    I wonder about the entire coaching group. Now granted there have been injuries. That, though, might be partly because of the coaching. It is obvious that the goalies and many of the team are not ready at the start of games. Everything comes back to the coaches, always, that is the way it is, they are responsible. I don't think this team was ever meant to be defensive and they should not try to be. Sitting on leads, or trying to come back after I'st period let downs is not how they should play. They should always be attacking. One also has seen this bunch play some real good games, but since losing Markstrum and Boeser, along with Pettersen and Hughes being attacked every game, the coaches might be having trouble motivating the team.
  12. The Canucks should almost never try to sit on leads and try to shut down the other team. They are better when attacking. They are relying on goal tending too much. I don't believe Green is a great coach. This team needs to skate to win. I don't think Green is much better than WD. Benning is also mediocre as a GM. Markstrum and a couple of star quality players have kept the Canucks in the playoff hope. That is what has kept the fans in the building. Brink back Burke !
  13. To me Green is not much better than WD. This current group of coaches don't seem to react well to game situations.
  14. Canucks D men have gotten too reliant on their goaltenders. For a quite a while they have gotten away with puck watching in front of their goalie. The coach has also gotten away with the status quo. Apart from Hughes the D isn't mobile enough. Canucks often stop skating and just watch the other team, and they obstruct their own goalie. As always its tough being a goal tender for the Canucks.
  15. Another thing the team needs is some tough guys to protect them. What happened to Ferland ? I don't think this team will remain well enough to reach the playoffs; they are just not big and tough enough.