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  1. The league has always treated the Canucks with indifferense. I think that has affected the Canucks in that the players know they will get the worst of most calls. Is that why they were spouting how they were going to be a fast and skilled team. They didn't want to be tough. Well guess what hockey is a tough nasty game it needs tough guys as well as skill and speed .
  2. I thought Bo was good on face-offs. The Canucks had trouble breaking out. So they started using the drop pass or back pass and they became very predictable to play against. I never liked that play as the game is too fast and should always move forward. The puck should never go backwards or be sitting waiting to be moved
  3. The team needs better management. That means from the owner down. '94 was a good year, they had a good team, and a great coach, and goalie. Most of the years they had mediocre coaching with the exception of Roger Neilson. On given games though they were competitive, but they had dumb stratedgy such as having to have a number 1 goalie. They would never think of going with the hot goalie. They had coaches that could not adapt to certain game situations. A coach must be able to "play the game" and adapt. So its been a tough 50 or so years and now with Seattle playing next season the Canucks need much better management ,.
  4. Green is just another one of several mediocre Canuck coaches since 1970. There were 2 exceptions Roger Nielson and Pat Quin. Green seems to just go to the game and hope it goes well. He like Vigneau and most of the Canuck coaches over the years, he doesn't react or make moves strategically to win. My opinion is that Vancouver has always had enough fans that management is satisfied. Of course Iron Mike and Torts were good coaches, but they spoke out and identified Canucks weaknesses. A coach must be dedicated to the fans and his players. So flashes of greatness only last so long with a team that has its share of older players that have huge salaries but weaken the team. Why the team didn't go after Burrows is probaly because he wasn't the nicest player. He was a winner though.
  5. Twice for sure Holtby had his view of the ice blocked by a Canuck. This game was the Canucks to lose. Maybe Holtby has to get after those Canucks that block his view of the shot.
  6. Well they missed their chance to get Burrows. I think though that Green is like many of Canucks coaches over the years. Real good coaches actually make key moves at critical times in a game. The Canucks have been blowing leads etc . The coach should know what to do or at least call a time out, not just depend on spectacular goaltending and Alex Edler to save the game. Oh yeah Erikson was out there too again. So Green maybe be an Ok coach but he ain't good enough, nor is he able to make critical move at key times. The good coaches know what to do, or at least will try stuff.
  7. It doesn't matter in this Covid era.The phony crowd noise inspires no one. The problem is going to be with this team for a long time, unless the owners have had enough. Seattle is going to be in the picture very soon too.
  8. One could blame the coaching for Hughes decline. They expected way too much from him. Maybe they over coached him, or just let him, a talented skater, do his thing. I don't know but the management is responsible for the slide the Canucks are in. It only took the loss of 2 D men and a goal scorer to ruin a wining team. The Canucks also are without Tyler Motte their best penalty killer. You can't blame the team, or Hughes.
  9. Coaching has a lot to do with the Canucks play of late. The power play is the same every time. The back pass to move forward is predictable and the teams main play to get up the ice. There is reluctance to change things by the coaches, and much of the hopelessness, started because of the players they lost, and they also have some players that need to retire. I think there is enough talent to win or protect leads, but the coaching needs a shake-up. Their biggest problem is still the D. Maybe Green is not the biggest problem. The team can't expect Hughes to carry them. They have really put too much on him.
  10. Its too bad Canucks have now lost the chance to hire Burrows. Classy teams like to hire guys that gave their all to the team they played many years for. Burrows will be great for the Habs. If the now fired Montreal coach was hired by Vancouver, he would wreck Bennings mess even more.
  11. The mentality that this team must be a fast skilled team means they don't want a scrappy controversial team. I believe the powers that be have tried to make the team this way since the riot of 2011 . Of course we are not to say that there is a league conspiracy against the Canucks. It has now been over 50 yrs without a cup. New York complained about not having won one for 40 yrs back in 1994 . That also was when there was a riot in Vancouver.
  12. Maybe a coaching change is needed. Last year Miller was great. Even Virtanen put up good numbers. While Green might be an OK coach for some teams, he is just a shade better than the previous coach. On the other hand the manager still has Eriksons dilema and an aging Edler to deal with. So last season the Team made Green look good. What happened ? The team knows. In last nights game with a minute left in the first period they let the Oilers score. They would have gone to the room with a 3 nothing lead but that goal was the beginning of the loss. It is time for a new coach and manager maybe a new owner. Seattle is coming soon and its been 50 or so years without a cup. Vancouver fans deserve better.
  13. After watching 4 games only the first one seemed to have effort and enthusiasm . It is a far cry from the teams play last year. Last year the even the coach got my approval. I don't see this team doing well. There seems to be no chemistry. When that goes away it makes every one look bad. OK there is time to recover, a get back some respect but I don't see it. Perhaps too much was dealt away but we still have Edler wounded leg and all.
  14. The biggest problem is after a pretty good playoffs, the Canucks still have Erikson and Sutter and Edler. They have some new players to try out but it may be difficult to recoup the magic without the Tanev, Stetcher, and Markestrum. One the other hand they are younger, bigger, and less injured. Green is still an enigma after doing pretty well in the playoffs, but I believe he was successful in the playoffs because he quit meddling and let the players play, except for Virtanen. So I think the team got Benning off the hook so to speak, by their excellent effort in the playoffs. So the team still has some problems to rid itself of but hopefully it won't be like starting all over again. Not another 10 yrs till the playoffs. Seattle will probably end up with a team like Vegas so Canucks need to keep it going. I like the prospect of having 2 very capable Goalies, not one.
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