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Best Arena Experience In The Nhl

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Just slightly off topic but still within the realm of NHL discussion - my buddy and I had a debate at describing the experience of Rogers Arena - he seems to think we are some of the loudest fans in the league but I read somewhere it is nothing compare to the SJ or Montreal. Has anyone been to other arenas besides Rogers Arena for comparison and is it one of the loudest. I can't imagine it crazier than say Boston, Chicago, or Philly. I think the entertainment value and the digital content at Rogers is pretty good though as was displayed at the Coldplay concert this weekend and the laser show. Anyway, just wanted some thoughts on the best arena experience in the NHL in terms of fan experience. I like Rogers arena alot but also wondering what may have been if that library design of ours became the Canucks arena instead as it was constructed around the same time (sure enough, won a design award today)...aka Pacific Colisseium.

Looking forward to some thoughts to our debate : )

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I've been to Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Anaheim, and San Jose.

Lots of places mainly due to vacations and relatives.

Chicago, SJ, and Toronto are just as good as Rogers (playoffs Rogers that is). I went to Tampa years back during spribg break (meh experience). Los Angeles was great (playoffs) but the other time I went it was pretty dull as was Anaheim.

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