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Larsson? Hedman? Weber? Forget Them, Grarab Ryan Murray

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I still can't believe people aren't talking about this kid very much. IMO this kid is the most acquirable asset between him Hedman, Larsson and Weber.

This is because TB can't trade Hedman because they already have too little on the back-end. Larsson is apparently the future of the Devils and Weber is just not going to happen.

What is available? Draft picks numbers 2, 4 and 5. Columbus, NYI and Toronto need goalies and the way I see it, we have a good chance of acquiring at least one of those picks.

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He's going nowhere but TB.

Hate to say it but were not getting Murray without trading Schneider.

If the planets align and we can trade Schneider for Yakupov it is done in a heartbeat. Sedins become 130 point getters with him.

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