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Happy Deathday Osama!


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seratonin's gone she drifted away , sara fled thought process gone she left her answering machine on , the greeting left spoken sincere , messages no one will ever hear , 10,000messages a day a miilion more transmissions lay dead victims of laissez faire10,0000 voices a hundred guns a 100 decibels turns to one , one bullet one empty head now with seratonin gone.

the man who used to speak performs a cute routine he feels a liitle patronised , don't feel bad they found a way inside your head and you feel a bit mislead it's not that they don't care the television put a thought inside your head like a barry manilow jingle i'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony , a symphonic blank stare , it doesn't make you care not designed to make you care they're betting you won't care , they'll place a wager on your greed a wager on pride why treat try to beat them when a million others tried , we are the whore intellectually spayed , we are the queer dysfunctionally raised.

one more pill to kill the pain , one more pill to kill the pain of living through conformity , one more prayer should keep me safe one more prayer should keep me warm one more prayer should keep me safe there's gonna a better place .

lost the battle lost the war lost the things worth living for lost the will to win the fight , one more pill to kill the pain

the going gets tough the tough get debt don't pay attention pay the rent our next of kin pay for our sins a little faith should keep us safe save us

the human existence is failing resistance essential the future written off , the odds are astronomically against us only a moron and a genius would fight that losing battle against the super ego when giving in is so damn comforting

and so we go on with our live's we know the truth but prefer lies , lies are simple smple is bliss , why go against tradition when we can admit defeat live in decline be the victim of our own design , the status quo built on suspect why would anyone stick out their neck , fellow members of club we've got ours i 'd like to introduce to our host he's got his and i've got mine meet the decline

the clown

i have studied history all my life and while many cultures have had a negative effect on our species i believe that no one culture has as much done as much damage to the planet , and has treated other cultures and their beliefs with such contempt as as white europeans have .

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Canucks were about to play game 3 in round 2 vs Nashville that day. I also thought all the american propaganda was annoying. Yay they killed Bin Laden, took em 100 years, I think Osama won the battle at the end of the day and got what he wanted, and the US can't change that.

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