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Matt Carkner! Jason Garrison!

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The canucks should try to get Matt Carkner and Jason Garrison on july 1 while everyone goes crazy over the top players like Parise, Semin ect..

First target should be Carkner and then Garrison, because i pretty sure we r going to see Garrison in a canucks jersey this coming season anyways... just seems to be the same feeling as the Hamhuis a couple of years ago... Carkner is the perfect 6th d man because u know he won't earn more then 1.5 ever in this career, canucks could probably sign him for $1-1.2..... hes big, he hits, he fights, and hes actually not that bad at playing hockey too...lol kind of reminds me of Alberts but he actually fights....

As for Garrison, i just hope that he isn't a one year wonder, has a good year gets a good contract then dogfu*ks it for the remaining of his contract.. but i don't think thats going to happen, he seems like a good guy and he is from bc... i think hes going to thrive in Vancouver and be a pretty big part of the cup that we r going to win in the next 2 years....

A guy like Weber would be great to have but giving up guys like Elder,Schroeder and or Jensen and more..... Is not worth it at all....

And another guy i wouldnt mind seeing in a Canucks jersey is Colton Orr, even though we just signed Volpatti... Orr -Lapierre-Volpatti as a 4th line.... plus having Carkner.. or my...lol

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Ive wanted Carkner for awhile now, he's a player we dont have in our line up. The only thing with him is he had a knee injury and is already on the slow side but if its healed up i think he'd be a great addition. He's supposed to be great in the room and well liked, seems like a Gillis player. As a 6th or 7th Dman he'd be great and the toughness we've been lacking for so many years. The Sedins will finally have some protection.

I'd love to add Garrison too, we need more size back there.

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No, Garrison should be the first target. If we don't get a depth defenceman then big whoop, but if we don't get a top-4 guy we're pretty hooped.

And really? Colton Orr? You mean the guy not good enough to keep a spot on the Leafs? Gillis is not going to sign plugs like him or Parros. They bring almost nothing to the team.

And would you really not give up Edler and two unproven prospects for Weber? I sure as hell would.

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