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[Proposal] Depth and Toughness

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Theres lots of talk on big trades and signings but I have some more under the radar targets that could be discussed. 4 players I think would be interesting for the Canucks to take a stab at if they become available:

George Parros: Pending UFA who is a big part for the Anaheim org. So its hard to imagine him signing elsewhere, but if Anaheim decides not to keep him he would be a great fighter to have as a depth forward for the right price of course.

Sheldon Souray: This one is a high risk high reward one so once again it would have to be at the right price. Pending UFA with some grit and powerplay QB skills. But.... Hes old.

Aaron Asham: Same idea as Parros but plays hockey a little better. Pending UFA.

Matt Carkner: Huge, Cheap, Depth Defenseman pending UFA. His +/- is almost always an even which I think is amazing for a 6/7 Dman with his style of play. Kind of like un upgrade over Alberts or Rome.

I know the toughness horse has been beaten to death, but I think these are realistic targets that could be a huge help in the playoffs.

These players are all UFA according to TSN.

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Don't need a guy solely to fight( Parros) but if he can fight and play decent hockey (Asham)then the team could use him. After the Ballard experiment I'd rather not experiment(Souray) on our blue-line again this season and just go with someone reliable. Carkner would make for good depth defensive who we can put in when we need extra toughness for the games when we're playing a bruising team.

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I would only take Souray if Salo retired, and we couldn't land Garrison.

Asham would be a decent 4th liner, I wouldn't mind picking him up.

Carkner would be an upgrade over Alberts as a 7th D, so I'd be okay with that.

I like Parros, but I don't want us to sign him, he's useless.

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