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Nice one for sure. I dunno for sure, but I heard yesterday from Gillis that the holdup appears to be Bure is still too bitter wit the organization to work with them on a ceremony. He did not mention jersey retirement or ring of honor..but I think they don't even know yet.

Bure was electrifying, and the only two things I think holding back his full jersey retirement is A: his tenure here, B: The sour relationship. I was sort of shocked he got int he HHOF in fact, with 14 years of play and no cups..but then, I look at that 94 run, and 31 points in 24 games? OMG.....we need that kind of guy now with the sputtering playoff offense we have.... I think if Pav connects with the current management, we can move past this and get that jersey up there.

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That's a really cool photo.

He gets a bad rap here, but we need to remember who the real bad guy is. Mark Messier.

Was a pretty huge moment for my son. :) And I felt it proved a point - he may have limited his exposure outside the rink but he also did participate and interact with fans. This was one of two times we met him and both times he was smiling and friendly.

And boy are you ever right re the Mark Messier thing. One of the worst periods of the Canucks history in my recollection...hated '97-'99 (?I believe) when egos prevailed. Awful seeing the direction the team headed in and that TL was driven out.

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Thanks for the comments everyone. For the record Bure is one of my all-time favorite players. I was so po'd when he was traded I even bought a Bure Panthers jersey.

Bottom line he's easily the most talented/exciting player we've ever had in the organization and probably the only player Gretzky ever said that he would have not retired to play with had the Ragners signed him earlier.


Gretzky later revealed before the 1999-2000 season that had the Rangers acquired Bure, he would have stuck around for another year.....

The feeling was mutual as Bure desperately wanted the chance to play with Gretzky in New York.

”I think it’s the biggest compliment I ever received or ever will receive in my life,” Bure said. ”I consider him the best player to ever play the game, and there is nobody else who will ever get close.”

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