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  1. our sports best player makes 15m a year, the NBA's best player makes 52 million. Bettman has in my opinion been a colossal failure as NHL commish; with one exception, the one that keeps him employed: the owners are making bank with the CBA and terms of the deal the NHL operates under.
  2. One Week remaining here, if there is anything you need to clip and save, I suggest you all get to that, as nothing will be salvageable after Oct 1st, from my understanding.
  3. More tongue in cheek but yeah, you get the idea:
  4. great choice, I considered this one my personal themesong with my armed forces career, 210+ days a year not at home for three years strait, was the worst of it. I lived in hotels, stared at the walls, I had accountants pay for it all. Life's been good.
  5. Sweet times, for whatever fights and arguments over the years, i still love all you guys. Been a fun couple decades.
  6. got any more of them canucks forums over there?
  7. Heartbreaking for a guy like me, I was on the Canucks Forums before they came to CDC, they actually introduced ME to CDC when I jumped over like everyone else from teh before time. Any way this board can continue as a stand alone anywhere else? I don't even know what to say. heartbreaking covers it.
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