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  1. and if enough critics shout you down on the appropriation, should that not be enough? The fans that don't care, i get it, its a mask, who cares. THe fans who were offended by the fake west coast traditional art, i get those peopel too. WHo i don't get are the ones who seem quite militant against the folks who didn't think the mask was appropriate. What is your horse in this race? Nevermind, I think we can see through to the core of the situation.
  2. you are counter-offended? lol. I hate the mask that was done in west coast first nations stylings but done badly and horribly by an artist from northern Europe. I think if they want a mask that features west coast traditional art, go to the experts. Not sure what your thoughts are, but they seem to be very anti-local experts. Jus sayin.
  3. I know you didn't mean to come off sounding like a racist, but your sentence structure and the topic at hand makes you sound totally like a racist.
  4. MSN NEWS Day 3 Edition Just a quick check in today. Noteworthy that the Rangers are 14th after two nights, with none of the big guns checking in on the scoresheet yet. Tonight we will see Brady Tkachuk's season debut and hopefully see some points from Ryan O'Reilly. Jamie Benn's season openers have been delayed by covid, however we think there may be makeup games later in the season which will benefit the club.
  5. it wasn't even there yet when i first toddled into the rink in my pre-timbit season. haha
  6. it does! My apologies, cancel the call up of Logan Brown, we will however leave Jason Robertson down for the time being. Thank you, sorry for the work.
  7. Assignment: The Vancouver Canucks assign Jason Robertson to the minor league affiliate, Lake Cowichan Lakers. Recall: The Vancouver Canucks recall Logan Brown.
  8. you will see the Official Standings page, when you log into the pickup site for GML, if you click "LIVE STATS" above the orange highlight of 'official standings' you will see your current points, within about 30 seconds to 3 mins of a goal scored or penalty assessed. You likely know this already but if anyone didn't, now you do.
  9. The APTLY named "MASS Mutual" East shows the Rangers in 6th and only 15 points out of a playoff spot! I will take it. haha.
  10. really appreciated! i will cover the playoffs in return, when the time comes.
  11. Gotta tidy up Detroit a little, will see to it over the weekend, if i remember rightly the matchup ends monday.
  12. Assignment: The Vancouver Canucks Assign Alex Formenton to the minor league Lake Cowichan Lakers. Recall: The Vancouver Canucks Recall Justin Dowling.
  13. i can only give you the WAT button, as in WAT am i supposed to do to beat that? haha I dunno who is 2nd thru last, but I do know who is first. Not a bad build. Lets see if it holds up.
  14. what the, who the, how the ... my apologies. I was sure the deal was with C.S. How did he get over to edmonton when i wasn't looking?