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  1. Moved my 12th round pick, now looking to get rid of my 13th round pick. Willing to trade 9th round and 13th round for 10th and 11th round picks. Thank you to any generous GM looking to move up now and down later.
  2. super happy to see some interest. The Rangers are open to picking up an Assistant GM for training purposes, as over the years it has shown effective to have AGM's waiting to be promoted to vacant clubs. I would need a good fit though, and I am a very peculiar person, haha. Anyone wishing to apply to be a Rangers AGM: send me a PM and I will conduct some interviews and see if there is a good fit. Provided the league exec would approve the idea.
  3. Four more years! Four More Years! Great work Exec! Thank you guys for all you do. Just wanted to get that out of the way early and reserve a spot on page one for all things Rangers!
  4. I am Primal Optimist and I approve the end of this thread. ibtl? what does that even mean?
  5. ^ I learned one huge lesson more so than any other in trying to pull the EKL off the fire: the work load is incredibly intense to be in an active role on a league EXEC. For that reason I have tried to stop complaining about things I don't like in various leagues and simply work around those rough patches internally. I didn't make any FA offers this year cuz I don't find it serves my team well. I would rather trade for known quantities of term and cap hit. shrug. Can't carry that on forever but leaning away from teh parts that irritate me the most helps me enjoy the game more.
  6. Colorado wants to trade both its final picks in round 12 and 13 for generally any clubs 10th and 11th: will trade our 8th down in order to fulfil this. TO COL: Your ninth Your 10th Your 11th TO YOU: COL 8th COL 12th COL 13th pretty basic, I hope to finish the draft a couple rounds faster as life has picked up the pace here and I need to cut it short while still wanting to play in the league. Hit me up if interested.
  7. You are free to rename your minor league team but it was priceless to see your post... to the SASKATOON Blades of Glory..." then next week a story in the athletic about how he refused to report to the glory blades. I am almost passing myself
  8. Thank you, nipped out for supper with the fam jam up in Lake Cowichan, home of the best damn rink on the Island (*pound per pound per capita, haha) We did indeed select Horny and we will see what he gets up to in the Sunshine state.
  9. We select our third tendie: Pavel Francouz again apologies: i watch this thing like a hawk for 5 days and there are only 3 picks, then i get busy and everyone picks. Oddly i didn't get a notice, even though my name was @ed. weird. @Phil The Thrill if you get this notice: your up.
  10. For those waiting, pick will be in tonight before 8pm pacific.
  11. I keep bumping this from page 39, hope it isn't annoying anyone. Just every 3 to 5 pages i find it helpful.
  12. There is no digital effect when grading GM's and so he is not either Great or Bad. Every GM is instead some point on the line between Great and Bad. Benning just got us our first series win since 2011. For a decent Gm that is a good thing, even if he isn't great he has earned another year or more at the helm to show us what next season looks like. Two points I put forward in his favour are that no one could have expected Eriksson's offense to retreat to the old Bin Laden hideout cave in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Secondly: Lu's cap recapture was and is a huge mistake by the league. Punishing a few teams for contracts that were legal in one CBA and made illegal in the next one was BAD BUSINESS by the league exec and by the commish in particular. I feel the cap recapture for those over the top contracts from the old cba are just sour grapes and vengence from the league when it was their own fault for leaving those loopholes open in the first place. Anywho: between the two things there is over TEN million dollars we can't use on talent this coming season, and that is a big handcuff on our boy MB.