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  1. The Kings are very happy with Alec Martinez coming to town! We signed him pretty literally for the rest of his career! Happy to have the cap space to make that happen after some limited restructuring we did prior to last season s deadline.
  2. I mean i guess I could if you really want me to, but wasn't planning on it.
  3. I am in. Want to be the safe guy who says "don't bet money you can't afford to lose folks" but i am totally in. haha.
  4. I am aware of that, but we didn't qualify him. Perhaps the idea was that 880k a year was too much money and that something in the range of 750k a year was a better option in the free market? Just a thought. I think he was too small to have a very high chance of making the dance but I like his game none the less. Hope there is a way he can play in Abbotsford and perhaps earn a call up at some point. league minimum maybe the only way though. Shrug, till he signs somewhere I will hold out hope.
  5. So having read the last few pages to catch up..i am left wondering why the Palmu thread has moved off topic? Does anyone have a feel for if the team plans to offer him minimum wage to sign again? Or is he really gone from the organization?
  6. ^ it is fantasy hockey and you didn't take him in the first round: no worries on you mate. its the real life first round thing that is the issue for a lot of people. I like that the guy won't be in camp and the Habs will make him accountable for the year he is missing is going to include character building, from what I have read. You maybe made a good pick for fantasy hockey.
  7. The Vancouver Canucks are happy to report our prospects results at the World Junior Summer Showcase are even better than expected. The Finns outscored their US and Swedish counterparts 26 to 19 all together and about a third of those goals were put in my our dudes. Can't complain about that at all. Finland won 5 games with just one loss in OT vs USA WHITE (four teams competed: Sweden, Finland and USA WHITE along with USA BLUE and it would seem the US teams didn't play against each other at all) 18 year old Center, Aatu Raty: 6 goals 8 assists for 14 points in 6 games played and +8
  8. Well this is exciting news! ty and welcome aboard! These two UFA signings add to a team boasting from teh 'top 250 fantasy players ranking' from NHL.com number 36 ranked John Carlson number 47 ranked Kyle Connor number 85 ranked Evander Kane number 104 ranked Jack Campbell number 235 ranked Andrew Copp number 237 ranked Kasperi Kapanen number 243 ranked Joonas Donskoi mentioned with honours though injured currently: Tuukka Rask of the 8 guys listed only one Dman, thus the focus on D this offseason. Have a great summer everyone and
  9. I just feel like the Canucks have done well drafting all in all. Jim Benning was formally introduced as the GM on May 23rd 2014 and I am only going back to the 2013 draft from newest to oldest, just a few good hits: Vasili Podkolzin 10th overall 2019 Nils Hoglander 40th overall 2019 Quinn Hughes 7th overall 2018 Jet Woo 37th overall 2018 Elias Pettersson 5th overall 2017 Kole Lind 33rd overall 2017 (selected by the Kraken 2021) Michael DiPietro 64th overall 2017 Olli Juolevi 5th overall 2016 (knee injury slowed down his ascent
  10. Marc is a guy who will either have a productive slot in the NHL or he will not have any slot in the NHL. Boom or bust is not the right phrasing, but more of a low end chance to make a teams opening night roster but if he gets past that hurdle, we are confident he will produce relatively well. For that reason we agreed to bring him to our system and work at getting him that chance to succeed, and he FC going back relates to that and protects our club from asset loss. Thanks to Ottawa for an agreeable exchange and ultimately a good deal for both clubs.
  11. Vancouver is very pleased to add to the blueline in free agency. We have trust in our forward youth movement and we are thrilled with our defensive depth. Myers is a decent replacement for Shea Weber who we brought in to add depth through insertion into the top 4, although with recent news apparently he is out for the year. I have two aces on the back end in pending rookies Topi Niemela, 19 yrs old, whom we have incredible love for, and Matthew Robertsson, just 20 years old and amazing in his own right. Our mix of vets and young studs up front may be slow out the gate
  12. The Vancouver Canucks are happy to read the 'top 250 Fantasy Players list" on NHL.com. Some names that we see and their ranks... 33. Semyon Varlamov 50. Anze Kopitar 69. Jason Robertson 86. John Klingberg 90. Jeff Petry 138. Denis Gurianov Mention: Shea Weber off list with injury. Happy to see five in the top 100. This should help us with UFA's wanting to play here.
  13. I suspect that those prices will be the short term bridge pricing.
  14. OH everyone makes plenty of mistakes and JB has made his fair share by all accounts. Well documented. The thing of it is that in real life, everyone makes mistakes. Some are unreconcilable without firing an employee or leaving a marriage or breaking up with your closest friend: but most in the professional world are learning experiences that make a person more valuable. If businesses fired every manager who made a mistake we would be back in the stone age still. Success is the culmination of a great many mistakes. I am not on or off the JB bandwagon. He is smart about hockey, can
  15. Totally agree. I am not a fan of the front office crew but I think they are capable and will steer us back to where we fans want to be. I still maintain that no one forsaw L.E. falling off a cliff offensively the day after he signed his deal and the league is just WRONG on the Lou cap recapture penalty that was a legal deal prior to the league signing a new deal...totally terrible decision by the NHL Commish on that one. So for me, the last few days has been a good outcome to a bad situation. Now let us see how much Petey and the Bear cost us from next years cap and who we can add in FA.
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