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The Chess Thread

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That's our game board. Anyone want a go?

EDIT: To clarify on some rules...

No signup needed. Hop in whenever; you're free to participate. Anyone can make a move at any time; first come, first served. You cannot, however, double team. Once you've moved for either white or black, you're only allowed to move for that same team until a new round is started.

Please don't try to disrupt a game (don't mess around with the board, show some common sense, etc). :) That said, not every post needs to include a move. Semi off-topic posts are perfectly fine, we're all here to enjoy ourselves after all.

I'd appreciate it if you guys don't change your moves after they're made by using the edit button. It's okay to edit a post to fix the board if you messed something up and didn't realize it, but once a move is made it should be final. This is chess. Obviously this can't be strictly enforced, more of a trust thing. Thanks!

Also, no hacks.

Rules will be expanded when necessary, feel free to make suggestions on them/send me an angry PM regarding the matter. I'm sure I missed something. Please also feel free to ask for clarification on anything in here if you're unsure about it. Most of it is probably very poorly worded.

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