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House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread


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Love that one, too. :)

If I were to post all my fave tracks, it'll take up pages and pages of this thread. :lol:

Just downloaded this:


Mainly for the Craig Connelly remix of Everafter (been waiting for its release for, like, a year) but the rest of the tracks are pretty good, too.

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Anyone wants a good list of music I suggest DJ Mebbe's September 2012 list.

Loving the bootleg's in this.

Loving this one too, its a mix of some pretty old songs but its done so well.

Also anything mixed by Kap Slap is good

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A little sad that this thread didn't seem to catch on, so I thought I'd try to bring in some new life.

Beatports September Top 100 has recently come out, 100+ of the best EDM and House songs of the past month (some are a little older but hadn't caught on until recently).

Beatport collections are really good for casual fans to find a few of the more popular tracks around, as well as for finding some hidden gems that not many people may have known about yet.

Found this beauty on it. Great use of a classic.

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