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NHL 13 XBOX 360 GM Connected(Open Spots first season at halfway point)


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This league will be a 1v1 with NOBODY playing the CPU unless that team has a CPU GM the season will advance a month of the season every week if people have not completed games they will be simmed. This league will also now be using current rosters. Please sign up with your GT and pick a team if the league is full you will be placed on the wait list and will be assigned to a team once there is an opening

Anaheim- Polyamorous47

Boston- Lenerdosy

Buffalo- Scalabrine 2444

Calgary- cashedkush

Carolina- prophetofgreed

Chicago- Maartense

Colorado- Vawnt

Columbus- RB x UNR34L

Dallas- wardoooo

Detroit- Occupied

Edmonton- FLAMESFAN360

Florida- GUGGU3000

Los Angeles- joshmac20

Minnesota- ozkizz


Nashville- Michaeltr0n

New jersey- Calgone

NY Islanders-

NY Rangers- joejoeyJoel (c0nser)


Philadelphia- eighty7mustang

Phoenix- occupied


San Jose- xxxjokerrxxx

St Louis- XxLETHAL 197xX

Tampa Bay- CaptMrT21

Toronto- Occupied

Vancouver- proto5un

Washington- Shniper (CounterApple)

Winnipeg- rb squeak

Wait List

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Once again I have been adding this to a bunch of forums hopefully we can fill this up quicker now! I'd like to hear from everyone to know they're still active and opinions on random rosters it's looking like people would rather have the regular rosters

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