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  1. Let's test that theory out. Pearson ppg numbers 13-14 - .28 14-15 - .38 15-16 - .45 16-17 - .55 17-18 - .48 18-19 - .33 19-20 - .65 20-21 - .33 Objectively speaking, I don't know in what world that can be considered consistent .5 ppg production for Pearson. Those 3 years in LA sure. The last 3 years? Lol not really. It doesn't get much more up and down than that. That actually shows a career year sandwiched between his 2 lowest ppg output since his rookie season. He is close to that average over hi
  2. Thats the problem when people can't accept other people having differing opinions. They resort to name calling and getting all butt hurt like you are. Don't like my opinions? Cool. Don't read them. Don't respond to them. Or flame me for them. It literally makes no difference to me bud. Am I right or wrong? Who cares. I will eventually be one or the other and so will you and everyone else. Why let it bug you?
  3. I was just messing with you bud. I don't see any need to use the ignore function on here. I have the adult ability of actually just ignoring things all on my own. As to the wink/nudge agreement on expansion, not sure why it would trigger you so much to simy point out that it hadbeen reported. I even said i had seen nothing saying it was in writing. I know a lot of people who work in the media. Some do sensationalize info for clicks, etc. especially nowadays. But in many cases where there is smoke there is fire too. And the main media players dont typically stick their
  4. Lol i actually thought I had you on ignore bud. Guess not. Block me if you want, I don't care. If my opinions ruin your cdc experience that much you probably should for your own sake.
  5. Maybe Pearson's signing is the outlier though. Guess we will have to see this summer. Lol 11 points from Pearson is consistent production now. The only reasonable way to describe Pearson is streaky man. Always has been too. He is not a consistent player at all.
  6. Hopefully Highmore lives up to the hype here. Lets hope there is a trade for a player like that.
  7. Haha I knew this would be your comeback. So you would agree its Benning's responsibility after 7 years that our team is not a contender? Of every conparable you have given, Sheary is probably the best actual comparable. But keep defending this $&!#ty contract any way you can. Its charming.
  8. He is not an accomplished center though. Not sure I see him as an out of the gate Sutter replacement. Would be awesome though.
  9. For over twice the cap hit and one extra year plus trade and expansion protection? Please. Given the list of "comparables" used to support the Pearson contract, not one I have seen is actually a better comparable than Sheary. Pearson had a good run with some great players in LA and with Horvat to boost his numbers. And a lot of empty net goals too lol. That sword has to cut both ways bud. You make it sound like Pearson is ourmain pk guy who we couldnt replace for a million bucks. That Highmore guy all theBenning supporters are concimced is a steal for Gaud
  10. It will be fun watching theBenning supporters bending themselves into pretzels to come up with all the reasons this contract isn't comparable.
  11. Wouldn't Connor Sheary be a reasonable comparable for Pearson? 2 years, 1.5 mil per season signed today. Let's hear all the reasons he isn't a comparable based on all your other comparables lol
  12. 1 or 2 comparables (of guys who are younger, better, and also not having a down season) is not a big enough sample size for a "This signing is perfect" Benning parade bud. Anything signed before covid is not a true comparable. And most of yours were pre covid. One was even a guy who has since been bought out iirc. Thats a great look for this benning signing. Its interesting to me that to you Pearson is not responsible for his own $&!#ty play but the rest of the team is. Does that apply to Gaudette too? Virtanen? Of course not. Players who are scapegoats to Benning
  13. I would be fine with Sutter at 2x2. Without a ntc or expansion protection guaranteed. But I think its pretty unlikely Benning would even suggest that type of haircut to Sutter. I think 3x3.5 with a ntc is more likely. Which imo is too much for Sutter.
  14. So you don't see this season as a serious decline in Pearson's production in the same role? Not realistic but you do you bud. What the rest of the team has done is not relevant if they aren't being signed to contract extensions based on it. But nice try. Pearson has sucked in the last year of his contract in the beginning of a long term flat cap environment. Extending him based on the hope this year is the exception and last year is the rule is a terrible move. Most seasons have been completely &^@#ed during Bennings tenure. One of the reasons is he doesn't plan bas
  15. Why do I think Barry will be the one bringing up Eriksson lol
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