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  1. Me too. But not as much as I originally did. He has been a difference maker at both ends.
  2. So if Hughes got traded for Makar you would love Makar and hate Hughes? And all your comments about them would suddenly be reverse true? ya that feels like a good place to end this conversation.
  3. This is probably the stupidest explanation of an already mind numbingly stupid statement I have ever seen on cdc. 32 GM’s including Benning would take Makar for Hughes in a 1 for 1 trade.
  4. Not gonna lie. Points awarded for the unashamedly blatant homerism. What if Hughes got traded though? Both of your statements couldn’t be true!
  5. One hundred percent this. Not only should he be in the lineup, he should be given some looks on the power play. He at least tries to make things happen.
  6. Not being an avs board is irrelevant. It’s pathetic to see other good young dmen like Chychrun and Makar slagged on here because Hughes hasn’t been as good as they have yet. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to be that stupid and insecure.
  7. Hughes relies on Petterssen, etc too to get his points. Thats why it’s a team game.
  8. You should actually watch Makar play. He is pretty damn good offensively and still better overall defensively than Hughes. Slagging on Makar doesn’t make Hughes better. We’re you slagging on Hughes last year when he was one of the worst defensive players in the league and Makar was really good? Ya that’s what I thought. It’s been a handful of games and it is possible both are awesome players.
  9. It always reeks of tremendous insecurity to me when people need to slag on good young players on other teams in an attempt to pump up one of ours. Makar and Hughes are BOTH guys that dominate play with their offensive skills. Anyone who says Makar only gets easy points by shoveling it to Mackinnon has clearly never watched him play. And anyone who says Hughes dangles defenders and scores many different ways is ignoring his whopping 3 goals last year. He has 12 career goals in 133 games. Makar, for the record, has 20 goals in 105 games.
  10. Jesus you really are going all in on this belief that every possible thing any player does well is thanks to Green and everything they do poorly is squarely on them. I do applaud your consistency.
  11. Mostly because his systems are $&!# and his player evaluation ranges from odd to bat$&!# crazy.
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