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[PS3] Pure GM Connected (Full SIM) 3 more hardcore's wanted

Pure GM

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Welcome to 'Pure GM Connected'

Can you take a team from the Basement of the League to Contender versus Human GM's? Prove It!

This is a Pure GM - SIM, Watch & Scout ONLY League. Where 14 Days RT = 1 NHL Season

Trade Deadline twice a month/Enhanced with Skype texting + EA App use = GM'ing on the Fly!

PS3 LEAGUE NAME:  'Pure GM Connected' (NEW Sign Up)

League SKYPE NAME: 'Pure GM' (Required that you add us before getting acceptance into the League)

League WEBSITE: www.GMconnected.Webnode.com (Come check out the GM Landscape at our Hub!)

Be clear, you will need to create a free Skype account to play versus our hardcore Franchise Architects!

PRIZE: The GM with the BEST single season including a Stanley Cup Championship over 25 yr EA Career

WINS: A pre ordered copy of EA's NHL14

or (Winners Choice)

WINS: The GM Classic: Behind the Moves (nhlgms.com)

You think this is good, GM with this tight community for a full season and your Grandfathered in for what We're looking to fo as a 30 man league next yeat!!

Edit: Looking for 3 more devoted GM's

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14 Day SEASON Breakdown:


Select Drafting List

(One Tick of 2 weeks at 11:59pm)


Roster Player Resigning Period

(‘One Tick’ of 3 days each evening at 11:59pm PST)


Free Agency/Roster Selection

(‘One Tick’ of 3 days each evening at 11:59pm PST)


Regular Season leading up to the Trade Deadline

(League advances 3 weeks each day at 11:59pm PST)


TRADE DEADLINE (approx. Feb 22 – 28)

(‘One 3 day Tick’ per day at 11:59pm PST - SKYPE is highly important here!)

Monday/Tuesday (Scout for Playoffs)

End of Regular Season – Playoff Push

(2-3 weeks each night at 11:59pm PST)


Stanley Cup Playoffs

(Set Playoff Roster prior to FULL Playoff SIM at 11:59pm PST)

PLEASE NOTE: In SEASON 1 there is no Entry Draft/ no Resigning Phase and no Pre Season. In Season 2 there is. Season 1 BEGIN’s on the First Day of the Regular Season.

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^^We will keep it to 1 team per GM to keep things as realistic as virtually possible.

In GM Connected, Human GM's can make deals with CPU GM's, so this will benefit those who like to GM into the whee hours, but wouldn't be able to find a trading partner otherwise.

As commissioner I will only Veto a deal if it is clearly two HGM's stacking a team, where most likely blatant cheating will become quite apparent. Otherwise, it will be considered fair game if one GM fleeces another, including vs the CPU, leaving it up to  individual Managers to know the prospects and players involved in each and every deal. Not unlike the real NHL, where many a GM has taken a healthy fleecing - Howson, Gainey, Sutter.

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Saturday at midnight is the cutoff for new GM's to choose a team. All GM's applying after this time will become reserves for inactive GM's, until a decision to expand the league or not is made by the GM's in a majority vote because of the prize that is up for grabs.


Early Sunday all registered GM's will be invited to the league via PS3. NO DEALS/SIGNINGS/or SIMMING of any kind can be made until Monday at 8am. However you can search all team rosters and free agents, prior to official opening oF the Pure GM Connected League, and then, we can all go buck wild!!!!

No CBA, No Problem.

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