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(Proposal) Van and Chi plus a signing


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Sorry, as a Blackhawks fan I would never do that deal. It's not as bad as some I've seen, but I wouldn't do it. Replace Bolland with Kruger and we have a place to start. Most Canucks fans don't know Kruger, but he'd be a great 3rd line center in Vancouver. Not as good as Bolland but pretty damn good.

Edit: Cap wise this doesn't work either. Emery would need to be swapped with Crawford and/or Bickell would need to be swapped with Frolik.

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Hawks have 3.5 more in cap space than Vancouver. I guess Raymond isn't exactly cap friendly.

Do you think the Hawks would do Lu for Bolland and Emery straight across, or is it Bolland that would be the no-move for you?

Line 1: Stalberg-Toews-Kane

Line 2: Shaw?-Sharp-Hossa

Line 3: Bickell-Bolland-Frolik

Line 4: Mayers-Krüger-Carcillo

I am more or less guessing what the line combinations could look like. It seems you guys have an abundance of centres. On defence you are spending quite a bit on your bottom-end defenseman. Biggest weakness is in net. As bad as Raymond is I don't think I would take Frolik over him so might as well scratch that.

To Van





To Chi



Montador and Alberts cross each other out for cap purposes and Emery has very little trade value so it boils down to Luongo for Kruger + Hayes/Bickell. I don't think Canucks fans would be happy trading Luongo for two bottom 6 guys. Would you take that trade as a Blackhawks fan?

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