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  1. Speed as well as hustle. He played a very positional style which meant he didn’t skate around a lot chasing. I think the issue with this is coaches want “energy” from their 4th line. His style was similar to Loui Eriksson. But Loui managed to find a niche scoring goals in front of the net, especially on the power play. I think the answer is pretty simple. Our bottom 6 was to be either veterans or energy guys. A young Beagle/Eriksson/Schaller, even with room to improve and earning under 1 million, just didn’t fit the mould of the team. In his last call up in 3 games he had 3
  2. I actually really liked Gaunce. He had the highest percentage of defensive zone starts in the NHL and as a young player managed to keep his head above water in possession stats and was a combined +1 post rookie year on teams where most other forwards were bleeding minuses. In fact he had the lowest goals against per minute amongst every Canucks forward which is pretty remarkable given his 85% defensive zone starts. I think the issue is that instead of developing Gaunce in the mould of Jay Beagle or Manny Malhotra he got moved to wing and was expected to play more physical.
  3. I would rather Juolevi make the team and Rathbone get a chance to develop his pro game than Rathbone make the team and Juolevi to get lost on waivers. Even if Rathbone has a stronger camp. This is a do or die moment for our former 5th overall pick - Losing him after only 23 games in the NHL would suck, especially since his issues are more injury related than his actual play. that said 1/4 way through the season if Rathbone is crushing the AHL and Juolevi is struggling you need to make the switch.
  4. We better make the playoffs next year between trading away a lot of picks and having OELs massive contract on the books we are kind of screwed. Going all in after finishing last place in arguably the weakest division is a huge risk. He would have likely missed the playoffs the year before if not for the Covid stoppage which would be 6 playoff misses in a row. That said we have a fantastic young forward group including elite level talent in EP. Demko is a legit starter and Hughes is awesome on the backend, Rathbone should be a beaut as well. It’s just the rest of our d group tha
  5. -8 picks overall traded 6 2nds, acquired 2 traded two 1sts, acquired 1 234 wins 242 losses what a strange rebuild
  6. I think he was just as good as ever last season. He went from being horribly overpaid to underpaid - I figured he would get closer to 2 million. Glad to have him back!
  7. Haha you are hilarious dude, I love it Sutter was a fine bottom 6 warrior who is/was a solid penalty killer but isn’t the selke level shut down specialist he was made out and paid to be. But you are right - the injuries really hampered his value.
  8. Perhaps I was a bit unfair. I like Sutter, but he simply made too much for what he brought. Whether underlying stats or point totals I think it is silly for people to act like Danault contract is so horrible while Sutter’s was fine. I don’t have my paid subscription anymore to pull up the numbers, but here are a few notes from articles at the time and card from the last 3 seasons. By the way I loved the new contract:
  9. I actually like the depth guys. Schenn, Hunt, Keeper, Burroughs. If it weren’t for the contract there is a good chance one of them could play Poolman out of a spot, especially Schenn and Hunt. We don’t really have anyone good defensively 5 on 5. Hamonic is a good penalty killer but otherwise better offensively 5 on 5. Myers and Hughes are pure offensive players, and OEL has struggled defensively. Poolman and Schenn are just depth guys - so we don’t have anyone who can step up and shut down. My guess to your point is OEL and Myers who will likely get eaten alive unfortunat
  10. Unrealistically: Adam Fox, Pietrangelo, Hamilton, Ekblad. Realistically: Larsson, Savard, DeMelo, Tanev, Jensen Larsson actually would have been an incredible signing, even at 5 million he would have brought far better value than Hamonic and Poolman
  11. Why are people comparing him to Sutter? In the three years leading up to his 4.3 million dollar contract in Vancouver he averaged .37 points per game and had poor underlying defensive stats. Danault has averaged .6 points per game (nearly double Sutter) the last 3 seasons and has much better underlying numbers. Even if we put them as equal defensively and look straight at numbers, over 82 games you would be paying Sutter $143k per point vs $112k for Danault. The cap has also increased 15% so If you tack that on we paid Sutter ~5 million or $164k per point, a 4
  12. Hakanpaa - 230 hits in 62 games, good underlying defensive numbers, average career ice time 18:02 Poolman - 147 hits in 120 games, poor underlying defensive numbers, average career ice time 16:45 We paid 2x the term and AAV based on what Hankanpaa got. Poolman is one of the strangest signings I've seen. I can't find anything positive on him other than he played higher in the lineup than he should have hence why his numbers are so bad.
  13. To be honest the numbers from 19-20 are more or less how I expected Jake to turn out. 20 goals, 40 points over 80 games with around 100+ hits. Based on 82 games he was at 21 goals, 42 points and 121 hits. And at 23 years old. I didn't expect his crash in play last year plus the sexual assault allegations. I was never really that high on Jake but a guy who can pot 20-25 with speed and can hit is a nice player to have on the roster. Ehlers was by far the better choice at the time but if he busted and ended up like a Mason Raymond type of player the fan based would have been outraged if Jake
  14. You “logical fans” also hated the Beagle, Roussel, Holtby, Eriksson, Gagner, and Myers signings. Jim sure proved you wrong! in all seriousness the more I try to make sense of this signing the less it makes sense. He just handed taller Biega a 10 million dollar contract
  15. Asked my Toronto friend about him. "Useful depth, may play may not". His mom used to cut my hair. Good to see a local kid signed, would be nice to see him get a chance in the top 6 when injuries hit and maybe realize some potential.
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