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  1. Eriksson 6 Rousssel 3 Beagle 3 Myers 6 Baer 3.3 Gagner/Spooner Buyout 1.1 Benn 2 That is 24.4 million on players who either are not playing or are providing no net utility over a replacement level player. Then you can also loop in Sutter & Holtby who have some utility but are 2-3x overpaid. I guess you can throw Myers into that 2-3x overpaid column as well. For 1.7 million in cap we went from a top 10 starter in the NHL to a bottom 3 starter. For 1.25 million in cap we lost a very good top 6 forward in Toffoli for ... take your pick there is a bunch of garbage up front. Tyler Myers is basically an average offensive defenseman with no defensive utility who is basically just tall. GMJB actually made some really great moves this offseason with Hamonic & Schmidt but his past mistakes came back to haunt him. There is no other team in the NHL that comes even close to having as many bad contracts as the Canucks.
  2. In your house, I long to be Room by room, patiently I'll wait for you there, Michael Stone - Audioslave
  3. He was way over utilized in Vancouver playing over 20 minutes per night on average. His numbers in Anaheim were solid - not sure if he is a guy I want in my top 6 opening night but at $700K he is a useful depth guy if injuries hit
  4. Hutton was fantastic last season in LA, at $950k he is a steal for a player that you can pencil in as a #5 but can handle second pair minutes with injuries (not the insane minutes he and Stecher played with all of our injuries). Stecher is actually very solid (nothing special) but as a pairing was dragged down by Benn last year. I would actually rather have Stecher with Juolevi than Myers
  5. Looking at underlying numbers for Gaunce is very facinating. When he did play in the NHL he had the toughest zone deployment in the entire league - only 13% offensive zone starts. Beagle has the same kind of deployment and his underlying numbers are horrific. When this is brought up we cut Beagle slack because of his deployment but Gaunce actually was able to keep his head above water. Even offensively - 5 goals his last 40 games - Beagle has 5 in 112. Gaunce wasn’t horrible at faceoffs - the year he played 57 games he was 49% which is pretty good as a rookie. With work and development as a defensive centre he could have been good. Finally, his last call up he had 3 games, 3 points, +3, 62% faceoffs and never earned another shot. Looking at his play in the AHL and NHL he was improving steadily, just strange we gave up on him when we did as I could have seen him developing into a good young Jay Beagle type of player.
  6. He was very solid for us +14 over 2 years and ranked 57th percentile in the league for underlying numbers. Had some grit to his game as well. Surprised he only played 1 more NHL game after his stint in Vancouver - I don't see him playing any more NHL games given his age.
  7. This is really the type of deal we should have been making back when we had cap space, vs trading away picks and signing overpriced forwards. Paquette is a stronger defensive player/penalty killer than Sutter, Beagle, Eriksson while being younger and making less. Coburn has regressed but still capable of filling a bottom pairing role and at a decent price (1.7M). Ottawa gave up players that cost them money for sitting on LTIR (not much but it is still something) for a guy with some positive value and a 2nd round pick. As for the team getting better or worse, I think we are more or less the same with a major downgrade in goaltending. Markstrom was an absolute beast for us - when he got injured late in the season the team was crashing out of a playoff spot with Demko in net - even after acquiring Toffoli. Demko's playoff performance was excellent but he is such a coin flip for which version shows up next year. Holtby has had three down years in a row - although he did play well in the cup run. I am not writing him off - he was an elite level player and can still bounce back but based on his performance last season odds are he is will likely struggle. Stecher and Leivo are underrated lossed but at the same time weren't a huge part of the team. Schmidt is a massive upgrade on Tanev so our top 4 D looks much better going into next season. Not much of a stretch thinking a Rafferty or Juolevi can perform at or near the level of Stecher - although he was statistically our best penalty killer and his underlying numbers were strong (despite visual gaffs). Leivo was injured a lot of the year and is a very average player in all aspects - which isn't a bad thing. For 1.5M or less Leivo is an extremely valuable player for a team tight against the cap - huge bargain for Calgary.
  8. During our rebuild he actually trade away/down more picks than he acquired. Now that we are trying to compete we are losing a lot of futures. Miller was a high risk move that paid off - Toffoli was a massive waste of resources and could really come back to bite us. While on a one-off every GM makes bad deals, the amount Benning has accumulated is insane. We wasted our cheap and productive players by filling more of our salary cap with players who are either not on the team or struggle in bottom 6 roles. In 2018 alone we paid roughly 11 million dollars (Beagle/Roussel/Baertschi/Schaller) for 14 goals of production. That is already on top of having two terrible bottom 6 contracts in Eriksson and Sutter. To be fair the market was pretty bad BUT Benning seems to go nuts spending during expensive markets - while other teams have maybe one or two regrettable contracts, Benning stacked up 4. There was somewhat of a need for those players but while the team was being built it should have been picking up players who were on the downtrend but still had some game left and signing them to short term deals. Since our team was bad that player who wouldn't be a top 6 on a good team would get playing time with the Sedins, Horvat etc and raise their value for a trade at the deadline. The one time we did this was Vanek (who I wanted us to sign instead of Eriksson) and that worked out well - he played great for his contract, provided veteran leadership to Boeser, was entertaining for fans and now we have Motte.
  9. Although a GM likely has little to do with selecting a 3rd round pick. Judd Brackett is the guy who turned our drafting around, who was a Gillis hire. Also take into account Gillis inherited the drafting system, waited a couple of years to analyze, and started improving. One area he identified was the drop in development when we lost the Moose (great relationship) and then got the Wolves as an affiliate. He was instrumental in the Canucks buying the Utica Comets. Props to Benning for promoting Brackett to chief scout. "Whether or not the general manager is involved, the burden of selecting amateur players in the draft falls on the chief scout, or whatever title the person has that's in charge of the entry draft"
  10. What is frustrating is I find picking up guys to sit on LTIR is way more blatant cap circumvention than the way Luongo's contract was structured. Also the fact his contract was legal at the time and would have had some sort of approval by the NHL makes the fact they retroactively penalized the Canucks even more ridiculous.
  11. He gets a lot of defensive zone starts but doesn’t play against particularly difficult competition. He works hard but as a guy who barely had enough talent to play on the NHL his age is now catching up with him and he is getting exposed defensively. For $750k I wouldn’t mind him on the roster - he can kill penalties, win faceoffs, and is a good team guy but at 3 million he is a huge liability.
  12. Granlund was one of the more difficult players to assess. Based on his play in Minnesota he is worth 5-6 million, based on his play in Nashville he is worth about 2-3. Given he is still only 28 and has played only one full season in Nashville I guess his prior play helped him earn a decent paycheck albeit a show me contract with the 1 year.
  13. He was awful last year but average the year before - probably his last contract - if he doesn't bounce back he will be out of the league
  14. Ranked 47th in the NHL for even strength goals per 60 minutes so a fairly efficient bottom 6 goal scorer. Other than that he doesn't particularly have any positives or negatives about his game. Based on the numbers his projected salary was 1.57M so a good value signing. Not the type of guy who gets you over the top but plays well for the price so you can spend money elsewhere.