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  1. 3 goals in 4 games for San Jose. When we acquired him for Burrows I praised Benning for making one of his best moves as a GM. This guy absolutely dominated in Sweden and was close friends with EP. When I watched him down in Utica he was the most noticeable forward on the ice in terms of skill (sometimes pure skill doesn't translate into points the same in the AHL, the game is a bit different) That was an interesting season. We got hit with a tonne of injuries on left wing. Baer missed 2/3 of the season. Leivo was gone for about 2/5th. A bunch of random guys got called up but the biggest mistake in my mind was not giving Dahlen a chance. At the time EP was struggling to find chemistry with his rotating cast of wingers (he played quite a bit with Goldobin that year). We were near the trade deadline and well out of a playoff spot and Benning trades Philip Holm (who was having an outstanding season in Utica) for Brendan Leipsic instead of giving Dahlen a shot to see how he would fair in the NHL alongside Petterson. We also acquired Pearson but that trade made sense. It seems like a very low risk, high reward idea but who am I to question the professionals. The good news is Linus Karlsson has trended very well since the trade.
  2. I was having coffee with an ex Canuck who spent most of his time in the AHL and said it is pretty terrible, prefers working in the corporate world
  3. On the two way contracts they are paid really poorly - $70k, to live in some crappy small town when they can earn 10x more to play back home. Much harder for a Canadian kid to leave at 19 to go play in the KHL. A lot of AHL vets (the Reid Bouchers of the world) get paid pretty well, $200k-$350k
  4. He was pretty good in his limited time playing in Montreal and was drafted only one year after Olli - I am excited for him. 44 games, 8 points (15 point pace), 18:19 TOI, 98.7 minutes short handed, 73 blocks, 118 hits, +6, 59.7 DZS . His possession numbers are pretty poor but in short he played in a defensive role, solid minutes, physical, and finished at a +6. I think he still has some solid upside.
  5. I wouldn’t call Juolevi chicken poop - he is still the best player in the trade IMO but given the circumstance Benning was able to at least get something for a player that didn’t make the club and would have been exposed to waivers . He filled a need for a bottom 6 penalty killer and got some right side depth with upside
  6. I actually like the trade. Lammikko is still young too and everything I read about him was positive. Given what he has shown thus far and being only 25 he still has some potential to grow. Jay Beagle's best offensive season game at 30, Malhotra had 8 years in the league before breaking out a bit offensively. I don't see him being a 50 point player but his ceiling being very good 3rd line forward who can put up 30 points. I really like Juulsen and he was a player I was interested in at the draft. Like Juolevi he has had a lot of injuries but before taking a puck to the face he ha 5 points, +3, in 17 games which is a solid stat line. Since then he has had some major headaches that have hindered him. Head injuries are really scary but different than say a hip or knee injury which will make it harder to get to 100% if it doesn't fully heal.
  7. Brubacher is somewhat interesting. Big, close to a point per game for R.I.T., team captain, scored a couple AHL goals during his first stint. Crazy this is only his second season post college and he is turning 26 in a couple months. Schilling looks like a solid dman, potentially top pair in the AHL. Looking at his minors salary since 2015 he has earned between $200K-$575K per year. Last year he made $365k. That is a lot for an AHL player
  8. Well his underlying numbers look good, and he has averaged over .5 points per game
  9. I would have preferred to keep Mac as a spare forward but not a huge loss. Gadj on the other hand wtf. Really should have made the team over Chiasson
  10. He was fantastic his first 17 game callup but really struggled last year (but then again most of our team had very off years). Sucks that we lost a lot of our "Top 25 under 25" in Virtanen, Lind, Juolevi, Gadjovich, Mac, and Rafferty.
  11. I've wanted Psysk for years, he is the perfect depth player. Right handed shot, plays forward and defense. Nothing fancy but he is solid in his limited ice time. As for Jason Demers the season before last he was still a big minute 2nd-pairing dman who did quite well in the role. His offence has fallen off of a cliff but he still seems to be a reasonably dependable, capable player.
  12. Ben Hutton has had a bit of an up and down career. He was fantastic as a rookie, decent in his second year, terrible in his third, and was pretty solid in his fourth. The one season he had in LA he looked fantastic (based on his underlying numbers Evolving Hockey projected a five-year deal at a $4.3M AAV). But seemed to drop again. It looks like he has become a pretty good penalty killer but he isn't quite good enough for a 2nd pairing (which we saw in Vancouver) and third pairings often go to younger guys, older vets, physical players etc. Either way at $1M he is a great pickup as a 3rd pair LHD as he can step up when injuries hit.
  13. Petan is a bit of a puzzle. From what I gathered reading Jets articles is that he would start on the 4th line, play really well, move up, then get injured. Writers tend to say he looks good when he plays but doesn’t get the minutes or the line mates over a consistent stretch. here is a good article about him from his time with the Leafs: https://editorinleaf.com/2021/02/06/petan-toronto-maple-leafs-lineup/ Given his ability to perform in lower leagues and his unfortunate circumstances in the NHL we could find a bit of a diamond in the rough here. He likely becomes a top player on Abby and earns a few games but if he gels with say Podkolzin and Hoglander or Pearson on an offensive 4th line he could end up producing, but unlikely
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