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I Will Write A Rap For Any Topic You Give Me.


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Guest Gumballthechewy

Awww... The would have been an,




You smack me I smack you, but it's not domestic dispute,

We're slap happy, To others it probably doesnt seem cute,

But dammit I do when you do what you do, give me the boot,

Uprooting family values, but damn the pleasure is absolute.

I Just got myself a McDouble, Now I'm in trouble,

Later on the toilet I'll be blowing grease bubbles,

I rapped about double D's, now Im about double cheese,

Wait just a sec, I said extra pickles, server please,

Since when is 2 extra, I'll have you fired, begging, Mister,

I open the wrapper... Was my burger freakin playing twister?

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