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I Will Write A Rap For Any Topic You Give Me.


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Hello everyone, Rock fan here. Lately my neighbor on my dorm floor has been listening to some pretty intense gangster rap super loud every single day. Now normally, I'm not a rap fan. However, I'm pretty sure I can write better than 90% of these gangster rappers, even if I've only really listened to 80's rock my whole life.

So give me any subject, and I will write a 4-8 line rap about it.

If I fail I will admit to the world that I am worse than a gangster rapper.

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If you're not Atheist you're wrong even if you're right,

Look at this story that we all saw on the news tonight,

And If you're christian prepare for a religious fight,

Around here bashing feminism is never alright,

Off-Topic forum, essentially just a bomb site,

Rapping about off topic has been my delight.

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