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You know what really grinds my gears? Gas stations that charge for air...


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So I get home from work, and think, Ah, what a beautiful, clear night. I'm going to go to the gas station and put some air in my tires since the little light came on my dash the other day.

I roll over into New Westminster and hit the Esso at 6th and 8th and they want 50 cents to use the nozzle! Are they for realzies? I said nuts to that and went over to the other Esso, weirdly enough on a different 6th and 8th... 50 cents. No deal.

Then, I went down to the Petro Canada on Stewardson.... they wanted $1.00! WTFist.

I drive a pickup and it costs me anywhere from $150-$200 to fill up and these guys want to charge me to toot some air into my tire? Give your heads a shake.

I vow that from here on out, I will only support gas stations that provide free air compressor use as a service to their customers. Who is with me? amirite comrades?

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So for a 50 cent charge, you drove to 3 different gas stations? I'm quite certain you spent more in gas than the air would have cost you.

Also, the 50 cents isn't for air, its for the compressor. Air is free, the technology isn't

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