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  1. Kaliyev is the guy who's been said to phone it in at times.
  2. Alright, I'll be the 1 out of 10 crazy mofo who would take Newhook over Cozens. I think Cozens will probably be the better player over their early years, but once Newhook figures out the NHL I think he's got a decent chance of having the better career. It's a mix of how the league as a whole is trending, and the fact that he would fit in very nicely with the Canucks. We don't really have anyone other than Jake playing that style of super fast & finesse/skill. I see a bit of that from Gaud, he looks fast by the eye test, but I don't know what he actually clocks at. Should say th
  3. Damn, this is so similar to how I've been feeling I may as well have written it. Still pretty much impossible to predict who will end up where specifically, but it seems (to me) that the 3 Tiers have separated a lot more cleanly recently: Tier 1: Hughes & Kakko Tier 2: Byram, Turcotte, Dach, Cozens, Zegras Tier 3: Boldy, Broberg, Soderstrom, Newhook, Krebs, Kaliyev Wildcards: Podkolzin, Caufield, Seider Thought about shoehorning a few more guys in there but in the interest of keeping it clean, that's 16 guys and we can
  4. I know it's heresy to suggest anything other than BPA these days but I keep looking at the gaping hole at the 1st line LW spot and thinking we need to fill that sooner than later. It's quietly been our weakest position for well on a decade now but was always masked by the presence of Daniel Sedin. We can do another year, or two if necessary, of mid-20s reclamation projects there but we need someone coming up who can take that spot and run with it. I really really doubt that Lind or Gadjovich or whoever is gonna be that guy. The names I keep circling around: Boldy Krebs
  5. After sifting through all those Benning and Linden quotes that came out today, I have to say it's kind of refreshing - for once it seems like everyone, not just the fans but the managers and the insiders, are completely in the dark about how the top ten is going to go down. This really is going to be a fun first round. Some of it is obv how interchangeable that group is, but I think having Montreal and Ottawa in the 3/4 slots are what's mucking things up the most. They've been duelling one another for biggest chit chow franchise all season and they're not gonna let things get dull on draft day
  6. Yeah I was also pretty fascinated to learn about the dyslexia and had some similar thoughts wondering if it translated to 'seeing the game' a unique way. fwiw his coach was asked about it after that came out a week or two back and he said it wasn't an issue from a coaching standpoint, although it did occasionally require creative ways of laying out set plays and systems. YES. And we should know this, we watched Luca Sbisa for, what was it, 3 seasons? He would occasionally get going and jump into the rush and look like the long lost 3rd Sedin. But what happened more often? He wou
  7. Melnyk will just make whoever they draft in the 6th round legally change their name to Mr. Pink. "...but why can't I be Mr. Purple?" "You're not Mr. Purple, some guy on some other team is Mr. Purple, you're Mr. Pink, got it?"
  8. oh hell ya, my ideal scenario since the lottery has been JB making the final decision between Hughes and Boqvist! pretty plz
  9. I have a theory that Edmonton is the real reason behind the Hanifin rumours: Carolina was originally expecting to draft, what, 9th or 10th? So they would have been scouting around that level - low top tier / high 2nd tier. The 2nd fell into their lap and they were like, cool we'll take Svech, but they had also honed in on a few guys below and called around to everyone from Detroit down to the Islanders. I think Carolina (whoever's in charge over there, I don't know any more) were the ones leaking rumours to Friedman in order to pressure Chia. Just a couple days later there was also
  10. Well I'm bored, chairman of the bored, and the combine came and went without JB tipping his hand, so I think I'm gonna go ahead and do my own mock top ten and bow out. Sit and wait for the draft and see how I did. Tbh I've just gotten stuck on a loop through the 5 guys I expect we'll partially choose from (Dobson, Hughes, Boqvist, Tkachuck, Wahlstrom) and it's gotten a little repetitive. Also this is a personal preference style mock, more what I hope will happen vs. what will. 1. Buffalo Sabres - Rasmus Dahlin - reasons. 2. Carolina Hurricanes - Andrei Svechnikov -
  11. That's an interesting one. As much as I would usually handwave away trading down scenarios, Montreal flipping it straight up for NYI's 11&12 kinda makes a lot of sense. Isles get an instant top line winger to convince JT to stay. Habs get their pick of centers, can either double up or go for a C+D combo. Works really well on both sides. Doesn't really affect the Canucks either way, but still, werrrry interesting.
  12. It was in The Athletic's mock draft at the end of April. It's paywalled but there's an excerpt here https://news.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/rumor-red-wings-will-select-one-of-these-three-players-at-the-draft ...Although I'm not sure I completely buy it, and I wonder if it's some GM poker face bluffing going on trying to trade up/down, like JB did with Glass last year. And actually, as someone who's been a little high on Dobson - the more I've dwelled on it the less him & Bouchard feel right. Like, they just don't strike me as Benning first rounder t
  13. I see the same thing I've seen in past years draft threads - people picking one guy, doubling down and batting away any criticism. There's a lot of good options so just relax and wait for the combine to really settle some dust. So many great prospects. For now I'm setting my tent up in Camp Dobson. The actual draft is far enough away that I can do a tour of the other camps and still wind up back here come draft day, so why not. Dobbie's most common comparisons, at least ceiling-wise, seem to be Suter and Pietrangelo, but if we want a closer to home idea, he looks like Tanev combine
  14. Did this get linked yet? Kuzma interviewing Benning in the lead up to the lottery. http://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/ben-kuzma-a-bevy-of-blueliners-may-await-canucks-in-nhl-draft-lottery I've been waiting for JB to tip his hand like he's done previous years and I think this is it. There's this quote Followed by profiles of 5 players. They seem to expect that Dahlin, Svech, Zadina, Tkachuk as t4 is set in stone. I think these are the guys they're focused on if we land 6-9 - Bouchard, Boqvist, Dobson, Hughes, Wahlstrom.
  15. The guy who played 'Ray' is an actual career criminal who served time at Rikers Island https://nypost.com/2017/08/19/this-brand-new-movie-star-has-been-in-prison-8-times/ Check out Heaven Knows What - way grittier than Good Time, if you can believe it. Borderline documentary.
  16. Straight Outta Crampton!! Stalker 9.5/10 One of the greats of cinema history. It's also legendarily difficult so I kept talking myself out of watching it. Honestly though it was very watchable. 2h40m and yes it moves at its own pace, but I adjusted pretty quickly. Stunningly beautiful - even the early black and chrome scenes in the city popped, and then it pulls a Wizard of Oz switch to colour once they enter the Zone. There's stuff in there that straight up mindF---s you, like, how did they do that? This is way before computer graphics Anyhow my reading o
  17. We Are Still Here 6/10 I know it's a popular horror thing recently, with stuff like House of the Devil & It Follows, to give off a timeless feel, as though the movie could be set in the golden age 70s/80s. But man this one took it to another level. Feels like it time traveled from 1988, like something I would have rented on vhs as a kid. First half had a fresh take on the new england haunted house genre, creepy vibe, nicely shot, bad acting but that kind of added to the appeal. Then it goes gonzo with splatter deaths, terrible effects, bad ghostmonster costumes, the works.
  18. Probably important for context to remember that Stranger Things s1 came out in the middle of summer when it had no competition. There was barely anything else new on tv/netflix and just superhero blockbusters at the theater. Can only speak for myself but right now I'm alternating my annual halloween horror binge and catching the awards contender movies currently being released. I also have a backlog of tv I'm slowly catching up on (Better Call Saul, Broad City, Mindhunter etc). I might watch STs2 in like .... Jan or Feb when I run out of stuff. It seemed like people were more exci
  19. @Monty @Down by the River have y'all watched Primer before? I think it was one of the big inspirations for Coherence and they often get compared. Hard to describe - super low budget about 4 guys who accidentally build a time machine, almost completely dialogue driven, with similar hard-sci-fi metaphysical aspects. I watched Split again. First time since The Cabin in the Woods where I had that urge to re-watch something immediately. I think now that it's a stone cold masterpiece, a 9 or 9.5. The combination of attention to detail in the script, perfect camera work, and McAvoy (as
  20. Coherence was great. I can see the comparison to The Invitation, although I liked it a lot more. Rather than levelling out in to a straightforward genre movie it just gets weirder and more confusing as it plays out. I should def put that and The Guest on to my mental re-watch list.
  21. Yes from my hazy memory of it the ending was the one part I really enjoyed. I think it took place at a highschool dance? With sort of trippy visuals and the synth score, felt John Carpenter inspired.
  22. Better Watch Out 6/10 Christmas horror, of a sorts, and kinda like the anti-Home Alone. Kept threatening to drag but was just creative and zippy enough to be enjoyable. The Invitation 7/10 It's like they drove through Hollywood on a busy afternoon and threw out a net to capture all the character actors. Everyone in this movie was a "Wait, where do I know them from?" type. Nice slow burn tension. The final shot was definitely the best thing in it. Hush 7.5/10 Deaf woman defending her home from an invasion. Made for an interesting fresh take.
  23. more bad Halloween flicks Friday the 13th (2009) 4.5/10 I didn't know this remake existed - 'remake' seems to exist as the 2nd + 3rd of the originals? - but it does. Didn't hate it. It's in the same realm of the Hills Have Eyes remake from 2006 being competent and true to the original spirit and general mythos. Switches up the pacing a bit too. But still reverts to a slasher formula of one by one kill-offs that bores. Vampires (1999) 5.5/10 Later career John Carpenter. First time watching. Probably only time. Love JC and over time I'll work my way through
  24. A Ghost Story 9/10 This is probably the best movie I've watched so far this year, and yet at the same time I'm not even sure I liked it - sounds weird to say, but it's one of the slowest movies I've ever seen, to the point that almost nothing happens. Having said that, I can already tell that it'll be echoing around in my brain for months, and will nag me until I watch it again. So subtly beautiful, sad, creepy, and funny.
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