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I personal think we need a new goal song. The one we have know does not fit in. Remember Green Day and how it fits in the big goals we scored in the playoffs in 2010/2011 season , The one we have know sucks. We need a song that buggs the other time like the blackhawks, PLus dj dave said we would have a new one and he lied.

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^ As stated.

There has been a lot of discussion about the music lately and the DJ on board is actually very open to feedback and has been extremely attentive and interactive in regard to it.

Personally, I love it (the goal song) and it seems to be a bit of a split. DJ's are faced with the daunting task of "trying to please all the people all the time" and, with that, you have to take what you consider the good with the bad as a result. But the fact that he actually responds is pretty commendable.

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