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  1. My friend was the president of some fancy Vancouver whiskey club. According to him, and a bunch of other Whiskey snobs, the correct way to drink it is………….. However you like it. LOL! If you like it on the rocks, or with a splash of water, that is the right way to do it!
  2. The thread is about the negativity surrounding the team. These are the reasons I feel negative towards the team right now. Not ok with you? If you need more sugar, maybe look for it in another thread? But For you, here you go. Garland has been a wicked surprise. The guy is awesome. OEL has definitely been playing above expectations. I also like what I’ve seen from Podz in the games he’s been in. These points were positive, which isn’t what the thread was looking for, but you need some fluff. That’s fine. And no, JG and OJ weren’t corner stone players. But our cupboards are looking pretty damn empty without them in it. Jim could have done a better job there.
  3. For me personally, even with the 3-2-1 road trip, this start has been bad. The games we won, we deserved to lose. The games we lost, we deserved to lose. Other than Quinn, our best haven’t been our best. Our coaching didn’t learn anything from last year. Even with a lot of new staff, it looks just like Green’s garbage from last year. I’ve seen defensive breakdowns this year that we’re straight up embarrassing. Just a whole lot of same old $&!# from Green. I believe his time has been used up and it’s time for a different leader. Jim really blew it with the losing of Gads and Joulevi. It just always seems to be 2 steps forward, 1 step back with Jim and it’s also getting pretty stale. It’s still early and they have a ton of time to have a great season, but these are a couple reasons why I’m not enjoying this team yet. I just don’t feel like the lessons from last year were learned and we will end up doing the same thing. I hope I’m wrong!
  4. I wouldn’t. That’s why I said he ‘looks uninterested’. Looks. That’s not a hot take. Does he look like he is fully engaged out there to you?
  5. I don’t know how the Canucks haven’t figured this out yet. John Shorthouse and Don Taylor. Vancouver loves Don Taylor and we know he can already do the job. It’s stupid this hasn’t been happening for years already.
  6. Where did I mention a single thing that would suggest I know what’s going on in his head. I said he isnt shooting and is getting knocked off the puck easily. I did say he looks disinterested, which he does….. Your post makes no sense.
  7. Pettersson has sucked so far. The most concerning thing to me is, he looks like he is uninterested. Easily getting pushed down. Losing most puck battles. NOT SHOOTING. Im so sick of him refusing to shoot on the power play. Put the damn thing on net. Everyone and their dog knows he is looking for the big one timer. Maybe take a damn wrist shot instead. He has a good one. His play is just brutal. He is getting the big money now. He held out for it. He feels he deserves it. So go earn it. There is no more grace period for him. You lose it when you sign that big contract. He needs to produce like a superstar now.
  8. July 2008. I was reading for a year or two before hand, but never really posted until a handful of years ago. Changed my username a month or so ago, so it’s like a new start. Hahaha. Except I’m sitting on a bunch of old warning points, all of which are BS but one, which I’m sure will have this decade+ run come to an end soon enough.
  9. Demko and the Midget thieved that one for us for sure. Not a great game, but won by a couple real gamers. What the hell is going on with Pettersson? He SUCKS. Hughes with a big game. Hogz makes at least one solid move every shift. Good game by Bo. Put Podz back in! Take Chiasson out. He stinks.
  10. Well that was awkward. Hahah Shorty not a Hirsch fan it seems
  11. Yeah. He is known to be a hot dogger. Skating around only trying to get points and ignoring defensive positioning. But like I said, he seems to have improved this season. Also, exaggerating his minutes doesn’t help prove your point. We all know how much he has been playing.
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