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  1. I disagree. He wants to win. Yeah, he is calling out management, but they deserve it. He has delivered and they haven’t. He wants to see his team following his example and management giving him what he needs to be successful. As a fan, does it make me comfortable to hear? Absolutely not. BUT He is showing passion to win. He has proven he will uphold his end of the bargain. I think it’s fair for him to want to be be satisfied with what he see before committing 8 years to this proven loser of a franchise.
  2. My wife owns an architecture firm that does a lot of work with them. Your statement is incorrect.
  3. This is hilarious. You always try to be an extreme liberal who white knights all the causes, then the true Alf come out. Good stuff Alf. Lol!
  4. Isn’t it obvious? 34 is 33 +1 it is also 22 + 12 That is both Sedin’s, Smyle AND Lou. It is the ultimate Canucks captain number. It’s also 16 + 18. 18 is almost 19. So it’s basically Linden plus Naslund.
  5. I hate to be that guy, but that sounds like someone who doesn’t want to stay long term. He put a pause on contract talks because he wants to focus on the upcoming season. Sure. He won’t negotiate during because he will want to focus on the season then as well. My guess would be no deal until next year, and it will be a short one, or he pulls a Tkachuk and refuses to sign, then we are forced to traded him
  6. I feel he is very Jannik Hansen’ish. Amazing top speed and motor. Great defensively and on the forecheck and back check he is awesome. Not the greatest hands, but I’d put with great players, he can keep his stick on the ice and get to good areas of the ice. My guess would be to play him back with Petey and Kuz. He is too fast to play with Boeser or Miller, and would prob be a waste on a 3-4 line
  7. Bure was one of the most explosive and exciting players to play the game. A true hall of fame talent. Let’s not compare Kuz to one of the greatest ever. Hahahah
  8. Juulsen- AHL Mcward- AHL Johansson- AHL Woo- AHL Irwin- AHL, but will make the team because we signed him as a FA Rathbone- AHL Briesboise- AHL Wolanen- AHL Hirose- Fringe NHL All of these guys are AHL level dmen, and I’ll be super bummed if any make the team full time. It just shows how far away our team is from being a legit playoff team. We need 2 more legit top 4 dmen added to the team.
  9. The chipped teeth are from being punched in his dumb face. The bloody mess picture is during surgery to try to gain sympathy.
  10. I’m good friends with a professional NHRA Promods racer, and he is no star athlete. He is a world record holder though…. I have spent a ton of time around racers from every type. They are dudes. That’s about it. You can’t be a big fat guy, but a ton of these guys are pretty damn normal
  11. Nah. I recall standing in line to get into the Blarney Stone 18 years ago (lol). There was a black bouncer, and the guy in front of us aggressively dropped the N Bomb on him. Bouncer flattened his nose, and we all cheered. It was totally justified, and I guarantee you that goof never said that word like that again. I can think of a hundred situations where someone clearly deserves a punch in the mouth for what they are saying.
  12. Exactly. The guy is a mouthpiece, and also has a set of teeth on him that just begs to be punched out. Real athlete vs car jockey Maybe he should have kept his big horse mouth closed.
  13. How much longer until the guys switch to figure skates? This game is going to turn into soccer in no time.
  14. Guy posts pics of teeth during procedure to make it look worse. He had a couple chipped teeth. What caused the altercation? ZCD is known for being a loudmouth. My guess is he was beaking off and was asking for a smack in the teeth.
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