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I am a professional pencil artist specializing in fine detailed sports themed works of art. I like to create pieces that emphasize the fans as I believe they are the cornerstone of every sports franchise. I am currently creating a piece of art that celebrates the history and tradition of the Vancouver Canucks and (amidst other features) will feature a crowd of 500 real fan faces. The artwork will have a key so that everyone drawn in the piece will be able to locate themselves in the crowd.

I NEED YOUR FACE to complete this piece!

I attached a sample of my artwork "The Golden Goal" below as it is similar in concept. If you'd like to be included in my Canucks' inspired piece, send me a photo (or photos) of yourself cheering in your Canuck gear and I will draw you into my artwork.

You can post your photos here if you'd prefer or e-mail them to me. Message me for more details.




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