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LUUUUUUUUU winning the Stanley Cup


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Now that Luongo is once again the undisputed #1 we will need everyone to show their support and help him get to the ultimate goal, the Stanley Cup.


Now, to help him give it his 100% every game and keep his adrenaline high as well as keep him pumped we must show him support, this means all you haters must change. Scream LUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! after he makes a big save and have a chant for when he's standing on his head making saves, like maybe repeatedly say "Bob-Bee-Luu, Bob-Bee-Luu" or something. Anyways, if Vancouver Canucks fans want a cup then they're gonna have to support Luongo through the good and the bad so we can always keep him at the top of his game. We can't blame him for losses because hockey's a team game and it's a team effort that decides if a team wins or loses. So, give Lu your all and scream


when he makes a big save and let's go and get the city of Vancouver a Stanley cup.

Now here's a video I think you all should watch, make sure your volume is on:

And not just Luongo, but support the team as well, Because you're Canucks fans! Do this and we'll win the cup for sure!

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