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  1. sorry fellas should have never signed up.I thought for a second I'd find time to play but everynight after work I found myself out drinking hammed apology to host team and town. Nice win Toews If I ever get off the booze again ill be able to play properly.
  2. Im still getting ready to hit a walkoff home run in the ninth but for now Vote falcon He scum LL town lock unfortunately. AV not scum
  3. I apoligize for interuppting gameplay but I thought the past was the past it was done to see his message right before game starthurt my heart
  4. Lucky bro im sorry I went to far man really IRL you are the type of person I love/enjoy and vise versa give me another chance man plz
  5. exactly bro plz tell him what I said im genuinly sorry everyone deserves a second chance
  6. it hurt my little heart hearing I was still on his ignored list. I &^@#ed up lucky
  7. can someone plz tell lucky im sorry and I love him Give me a second chance
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