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[Proposal] Van - Pitt

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Is it me or are have a lot of people undervalued Kesler. A large number of Pens fan's don't want to give up Derrick Pouliot, so that says a lot. Anyway I would take nothing less than..

Van Acquires




2nd or 3rd pick

Pit Acquires

Ryan Kesler

I think that's a fair price for Kesler. The draft pick isn't necessarily important but those 3 players are. If Gillis can't pry atleast 2 of those guys then he should quit. What do you guys think?

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Make it kes and a 4th and I want their 1st 2015

We'd have to add a contracted player (some fringe minor leaguer like Anthony or Friesen) rather than a low pick to help keep us from hitting the 50 contract limit if we want to take 3 players back. We're at 48 now I believe. Even with Pouliot's slide since he's in junior if we don't move another contract it'd put us at 49 so not much for room in other deals.

If there's any truth to an Edler or Luongo deal, we'd likely end up taking more back than we send out too, so some extras have to go from our side somehow in that scenario.

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