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Clash of clans- CDC clan

Langdon Algur

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for those that play the smart phone game clash of clans I'm starting up a clan for CDC folks. the clan will be called AngryCanuck. Please join and we discuss strategy and war times in here. Join and post your name in the game on here and I'll make you and edler or co-leader.

For those that don't have the game download, build your clan castle, join us and prepare to be addicted.

my name in the game is dave.

see you there!!

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Any advice on a proper attack? I've gotten as far as I have through lots of patience and pretty much mostly mining. My attacks suck.

Draw out Clan Castle troops, then surround them.

I like to take out their air defense then send all my giants in with a healer and dragon...Then use wizards and archers to go after extra archer towers/wizard towers.

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