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  1. We are happy to welcome and select Joshua Roy to the enterprise
  2. Luckily I saved my save on myself for r6 in case SK wasn’t acting tonight. Let’s see how this all plays out
  3. I guess we should no lynch tonight and let SK act cause if we get it wrong and have a kill it’s GG?
  4. If it’s not J honestly not sure. Y’all are equally scummy imo I’ll likely die tonight anyways so GL :p
  5. Would think he would have more activity if he was. If it isn’t J I’d say it’s likely one of you two tbh
  6. I’m good to vote out J-23 tonight tbh Vote J-23 will have to re evaluate if he comes up clear
  7. Another possibility is a missed kill RD1(aladeen/J23) and save in rd 3 - in this scenario incriminates J-23. Just spitballing but someone had to target Bo last night considering there was two kills out there ?
  8. Oh god I didn’t know I would have to use my brain this much this game on one hand it would be pretty funny if I saved toews night one and he was indeed sk and went all the way but he has been shady also kinda makes sense if J23 was so if the kills were just missed? Lots of variables here but if he wins it’s pretty whatever. wouldn’t be too surprised if any of the four of y’all are sk
  9. Aka I blocked the kill? Why would I be notified if I blocked a kill lol
  10. How would it be a block? It would be a nightfall event if doc saved someone ?
  11. Bo obvs last night. Night one who knows. Crapshoot that night.
  12. Not sure. I haven’t played in a while but from what I remember before different hosts did doc saves differently.
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