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Mt cheam hike


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Has anyone done this hike while carrying a SLR camera? I'm worried that it'll be too exhausting if I bring my camera plus two lenses, but the views seem absolutely amazing and is just begging for photos to be taken.

I did the Diez Vistas trail at Buntzen lake carrying my 5D3 and a single wide angle lens. I'm tempted to bring my 70-200 as well for Mt Cheam. Bad idea?

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You'll be able to do it without any issue.

I carried my DSLR with a 70-200 lens on a 59km hike through the rockies this summer plus all my camping gear, then another 30km, with gear, (both ways) through Assiniboine Provincial park which was tougher.

I normally bring it on most hikes, it can be a bit of an annoyance carrying it in my hand, especially when I'm traversing steeper terrain. However, the reward for the quality photos is worth it.

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