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So DraftKings is blowing up like crazy as of late. Partnerships with major sports such as the NHL and what not and I'm curious to hear from those who use it. There is also FanDuel but I've heard DraftKings is better and more popular, but feel free to discuss either.

I already do both fantasy sports, and bet on sports, so the combination of both is wanting me to hop into this and try it out.

So yeah, how is it? And how is the NHL portion of it?

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Be careful on FanDuel with fantasy hockey because a lot of people hosting will award more points for hits and PIMs than goals and assists.. A team full of 4th line goons will rank higher than your line up of Crosby Ovechkin Stamkos Keith Karlsson.

Had a fantasy line up (3F 2D 1G) and everything clicked for me that night, all 5 skaters had a goal, a couple with 2 goals, and I thought for sure I'd finish top 25 out of 500 and win some money. Nope, guys like Weise, Nolan, Neil outscored my 1st line guys. Never played Fan Duel after that.

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