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  1. Likewise. Both my professional and personal life involve MS. Researchers are so damn close. There is a lab in Alberta that has shown their intranasal delivery of their drug can stop the progression of demyelination and inflammation in mice. Next up is approval for human trials. Other drugs like Capaxone can create proteins that mimic myelin and have been shown to decreased the size of lesions. One day, it’ll happen.
  2. November was an incredible month for returns. I truly feel blessed to work full time in a career I’m passionate about, while being able to make a great additional income in the market. The gains look great in the account but that money isn’t doing anything or helping anyone. I decided to donate a substantial part of my November profits to a cause near and dear to my heart. This has only motivated me further to continue being a student of the market to improve my ability to make big returns to be able to give back even more. It’ll be great to have a purpose greater than greed to maximize returns.
  3. House passes marijuana bill. Will go to Senate vote in January. TLRY calls paying for Christmas this year!
  4. We're in an ADHD market. News that was announced on November 9 gets reposted and stock price falls. Just the tiniest hint that a vaccine *might* be available and cruise and hotel stocks sky rocket. People are just jumping around to whatever has news
  5. I’ll add Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas and How to Swing Trade by Brian Pezim and Andrew Aziz
  6. I don't know what your capital and profit numbers are and certainly don't share if you don't want to, but just using a round number of say that 11.5% profit was $1000, that's about $50/hour for your 20 hours of work. Pretty good if you ask me.
  7. What is your time worth to you? Can you make more than your perceived value of your time? Is doing 2 hours of reading on a Sunday afternoon worth entering a position that could grow 25%+ over the following few weeks? Can your no-effort-required fund you're in that requires none of your time out earn that 25%? *Just using 25% as an example. Could be 10% over the next few weeks, or hell, lately I've been getting some 100%'ers within the week
  8. Welcome. Our leader is happy to have you on board.
  9. It's personally not in my personality to have my money sit there and grow 5-7% when with a little bit of research I can find my own ETF's (if I want to be super safe) that will grow 10%+, and with some more learning and proactiveness I can get 20%+. And that doesn't even mean having to be super active. You could play just blue chips and buy before catalysts and sell during the run up.
  10. Cathie is a real life bobby axlerod. She also knew to add tsla day before s&p news. She added Slack like crazy for 2 days before the buy out announcement. other recent instances too.