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  1. Take a birth control pill, your odds of a blood clot will skyrocket compared to the vaccine. Just scare tactics by the media for clicks.
  2. Wouldn’t mind starting an entry into coin around $280-$260
  3. Hm yeah I grew up throughout elementary school and high school in Brookside, adjacent to the 140th street entrance to Bear Creek and spent probably 90% of my summer breaks at the bear creek park outdoor pool and playground, and later lifeguarded there too, and can probably count on one hand the sexual assault headlines I remember. So idon't know if I agree with the word hot spot
  4. Good luck to anyone playing COIN. Wall street is gonna dump on retail
  5. Any data to support the claim of it being a hot spot for assault/sexual assault?
  6. I thought I read 311 million shares. It was also early in the morning lol
  7. Lol yeah, my recent wins were picking up Square at 204 to today's price, and NNOX at 39 to 60 on FDA approval. Other than that, just scalping CLSK for 10-20% a few times, same with STPK. Just been adding to high conviction long plays on red days and actually focusing on my job haha
  8. Saw that this morning, apparently a WeChat scam was orchestrated using girls to message people (allegedly)
  9. 311m shares at above $300/share is what it should open at
  10. This thread sure quiets down when spac's aren't going off 50% per day
  11. He's a guaranteed catch on 3rd and short with that wing span and vertical. Insane. You'd need the tallest CB in the league to compete on jump balls with him
  12. Something tells me a "2 am outdoor gathering at some rural road" isn't the same as going to a library on a sunny Saturday afternoon
  13. 30 guys, most of whom have wives or partners who also live their daily lives (go get a coffee, touch door handles, take out food, walk by people on the street, etc.). A lot of potential for something to possibly have been passed on unknowingly by a partner and then it gets into the locker room.
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