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  1. Trump: "I'm going to run the USA like a business" Trump's businesses:
  2. NIO keeps getting rejected at $20.10, once it breaks through it should go to $23-$25
  3. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Our makeshift back up defense has to defend this offense next week? Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Cool.
  4. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    I think Brees’ sons could throw it further down field than him at this point.
  5. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    A catch isn’t a catch and no catches are catches.
  6. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Has anyone tried unplugging and plugging in the Falcons? Big W for us (wouldn’t say our defense deserved it) as we head into KC next week. At least at worse we can leave there 2-2. Josh Allen has big d*ck energy but that defense has 5’2 guy driving a lifted pick up d*ck energy. Terrible DPI call on the Rams CB in my opinion. Do the Giants trade Jones and go for Lawrence? They have nothing this season. Bill O’Brien needs to go. And next job - pick being a HC or GM, he’s trying to be Belichick and he’s not.
  7. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Time to cut Nick Folk. Weak leg and poor accuracy. Already cost us the win vs Seattle and now keeps Vegas in it at a 2 score game.
  8. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Are players who opted out allowed to opt in? Lol. Gilmore McCourty Winovich and 8 2nd and 3rd stringers cannot compete in the nfl week after week as a defense
  9. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Cam is throwing balls worse than the gr 12 QBs I coach. Brutal game. Raiders should be up 14-3 easy.
  10. Got Dawodu Reyes and Costa on my ticket.
  11. Is anyone a professional with Facebook Ads that wouldn't mind me DM'ing them a question? 

  12. Received a physical visa gift card from the US as a gift from a vendor. It states "for use in US only". I was able to register it online with a US address but couldn't use it on a couple canadian sites. Anyone know if there's any unique way to use the balance on this gift card? Don't mind using it to buy a gift card to another company too but whenever I go to a US website it automatically switches to their canadian site. 

    1. Robert Long

      Robert Long

      use a VPN to make it look like your computer is in the US. I use - they do a free trial so it doesn't have to cost you anything.

    2. peaches5

      peaches5 will accept it but you will pay duties, potentially, on the item 

    3. NucksPatsFan


      Thanks @Robert Long and @peaches5


      Ill try the free vpn first, if not, I’ll try to snag something off Amazon 

  13. SHLL votes Monday and GRAF votes Tuesday. FMCI vote deadline is Wednesday. All 3 could be under their new tickers by end of next week. edit: though FMCI would likely change the following Monday.