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2016 Draft will only be a building block(discussion)


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After reading 3 or 4 pages of the Hawks vs Canucks thread, one of the things that popped out was the feeling that some on CDC think that one year of drafting high will clean up this mess.

The truth is, it will only be a building block, and people must understand that even "if" we fall to the very bottom of the standings, we are not guaranteed the 1st over all pick, and there are some other teams that will compete for the bottom spot, as it is just as likely we will get into the playoffs, as a team like Columbus will of catching on fire and moving up the ladder.....

To make matters worse, the new lottery is designed so that there is less chance than ever of winning the first over all pick....but relax, as the top 5 are all pretty good, top 3 are even better, and no matter what we stand a chance of winning one of the top 3, just by being in the bottom half of the league( aka ...out of the playoffs)

To me what is of secondary importance is, Columbus's compensation pick that is needed this year, and which Columbus does not need to let us use this year.......(we need to negotiate that with Columbus.....maybe a 4th or 5th round pick to ensure we get the pick this year) Now, I know many will not like giving up an extra pick, but it will be like a late 1st, which means that Columbus will hold it this year, unless we pay extra for it.

Also of importance, is the return on Vrbata, which may or may not happen, but at this point, is a questionable return, unless he can raise his point total substantially (keep in mind, last year Bonino was our second line center and was more of a play maker, and drew a lot attention, for his "offensive play") This year, our second line center is a 2nd year pro, in a slump(not his fault). Vrbata will produce a late 2nd, which is a lot less than I originally thought of his worth.

So if we are lucky in our draft picks.......and I am talking only about our draft picks, and "IF" we are lucky, we end up with

Our 1st...........4th to 8th OA, unless we win a lottery choice

Columbus's 2nd rounder ("if" a deal is made)  31 OA

Vancouver's 2nd .......34 to 38 OA

Vrbata 2nd ...............50 to 60th OA

Vancouver's 3rd.........64 to 68th OA

These are great positions to pick from and they will yield 2 or 3 potentially NHL pro's over time

But again, this will only be a step, and until our other prospects develop and mature, we will suffer through some long nights. Everyone one wants to build the Detroit model, but not many have succeeded.

If we are lucky, we will develop that model, but remember, the Detroit model started by not changing their GM and Coach every 3- to 5 years on a continuous basis........

On another note........TV viewing of the Canucks is down 27%.................friggin band wagoners!

Those are the people that CDC should come down on......those are the one!

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I think we have 3 to 4 in the minors that could make the team next year!Drafting should make the team better in 2 to 3 years and this time make sure they are ready to come up!Free agents will fill one to three spots at best but again our D needs a major upgrade either trade deadline or off season!

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1 minute ago, shazzam said:

Vrbata may be slumping but he is still scoring at a 2nd line pace. He hasn't had great linemates to work with either. Even if he continues at this pace, he could still potentially get a first. The market will dictate his worth.

So true!

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