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King Makers or Pan Handlers?


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46 minutes ago, TheGuardian_ said:

An interesting thought coming up to the trade deadline.

The Canucks could trade some veteran players that could help more than a few teams especially if they retain salary which the team will be positioned to do for a couple of years. Trade Hamhuis and Vrbata to any team below the Flyers cap numbers, about 13 teams or so, of course taking back salary would increase that number.

They could even do a deal to take back salary to improve their draft position with a cash crunched team...Columbus?

The Canucks have to...well I guess they don't have to but, I would like to think they are, determining whether or not they can be merely playoff contenders or cup contenders.

If making the playoffs is the end all be all and drafting mid round players is the goal, then they are set up for the next decade, just about good enough but not quite, just like the 70's, 80's through to 91 where winning a round was like having a parade.

If the plan is to be cup competitive within the life times of some fans, then some difficult decisions need to be made and with the Canuck buck looking more like the peso again, perhaps the better route is to be bad enough for two seasons to be good enough afterwards to look beyond the 1rst round of the playoffs.

If the team keeps the assets and doesn't use it's current financial clout to get improved draft positions or prospects, then it will be a decade of pan handling and maybe even another, "it only takes a quarter to move this team".

Burke took the team to the bottom to get the Sedins, Quinn did too (Linden), Keenan traded boldly, Nonis made the Luongo trade, Gillis added the guidance and polish.

Looking around the other teams in the league, how did Panarin ever slip past this teams elite scouts? Or even some of Chicago's other undrafted players?

So what's the plan?  Trade players to contenders to get mediocre picks?  What good would it do to package off 3-4 vets to one team?  Basically, what do the Canucks get?  Star talent (not coming from a contender)?  Star prospects (possible, but not sure it would take 3-4 vets to do it)?  Top picks (they don't come from contenders)?  Or some collection of this, and then have JB pull a Burke and trade for a top 5 pick, ideally when we have one of our own already?

How did scouts miss out on Adam Oates (and his 1,420 points), Dino Ciccarelli, Marty St Louis, Geoff Courtnall, Greg Adams (Greg Adams! Greg Adams! Greg Adams!), Dan Boyle, or even Alex Burrows and Chris Tanev?  Sometimes teams get lucky.  Sometimes a player busts his ass after not getting drafted, and finds a niche in the league.  It happens, just be happy when it happens to your team.

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48 minutes ago, TOMapleLaughs said:

Real fans want the cup.

Real fans know that isn't even a slight possibility with this roster.  Top 5 pick this year, couple extra 2nd & 3rd rounders, an extra first if we get lucky and the cup is a real possibility in 2-3 years.

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