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  1. With the trolling you've done on this subject lately, you would think you would know a thing or two about bridges
  2. I work with someone who knows the family, and she says great things about them. I just had to roll my eyes and stay silent, but I wanted to ask her... REALLY??? I just don't see it. Gotta think she is just being classy, and not bad-mouthing behind their backs.
  3. He should have asked his agent to include a YTC (Yes trade clause)
  4. I'm sure they will miss the soothing sounds of crickets during their home games, though
  5. IMO, it was in between. Canucks outplayed Oilers in the first 10 or so mins, then wasted the next 20. picked it up in latter part of the 2nd, and won da turd. And the greater part of OT. Was nice to see them draw more penalties than they took. Did fairly well on PK, considering who they were playing. PP was pretty nasty, though.
  6. Oh, I don't think the president of the McDavid fan club should be calling games anymore. Man that was awful coverage.
  7. Agree, but lame penalty call (considering they didnt call the Oilers near end of regulation for a trip) at end of OT against Bo meant he couldn't go in the first three. THANK YOU MYERS, that was beautiful! Nice comeback boys! Can someone please make sure Newell Brown is out of the dressing room!
  8. They'd still be trying to figure out how to give Edler a 3-game suspension over it.
  9. He wasnt lighting it up in preseason, but I liked what I saw from him (in the little bit I got to watch). He had some mistakes, like any rookie will, but his driving to the net and quick passes around the net were great to see, and he brings some grit as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do. Sure would be sweet of we had yet another ROY candidate. No pressure, Podz!
  10. Wasn't able to watch the game until today, as it was not broadcasted live down here. Was disappointed to see the score on the ticker at the bottom of the screen as I turned on the game Would have been classic if Keith and Burroughs went at it. Man is McD ever a punk-a&& bitch. Just loved his response to Lockwood's collision with Drai. I'll take that any day. Way to stand up for your team. Sure like seeing Podz improve. Getting excited for the real season
  11. Wasn't there talk about how Podz could have been 1OA for the draft, if it weren't for his insistence on staying in Russia those first couple years? I seem to recall Friedge saying he could be best in the draft class. While I like Miller quite a bit, I can see the logic of him being included in trade proposals here. But I don't think I would include Podz to get Brady... even if he weren't so ugly, and even if it quashes the deal. He's got his own sandpaper, and perhaps a better ceiling to his play.
  12. Hmmmmmm, if only there was a word for someone who hasn't yet played a full season with the team. Oh yeah... he's a prospect.
  13. Then we owe it to him to win a couple Cups here!
  14. It's only fair, ownership did it with Du(m)bas(s), so he does it with his players
  15. Since the league hasn't specified punishment (per the article), I doubt that terminating the contract is a possibility.
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