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# of Ties Last Year = Large Rebound for 2016/2017?


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An improved D will help enormously in terms of being on the winning side of 1 goal games.

Goal Differential is such a skewed stat. Take for example when the Canucks lost 4-0 to the Kings then won the next 2 by 1 goal. Their goal differential is -2 in that sample. At the same time, the Oilers played 3 games and won one of them by 7-3 then lost the other 2 by one goal. Their goal differential is +2. 

But Canucks put up more points in the standings. 

Reality is Canucks don't have the elite offense some others have and Benning knows that. That's why shoring up the defense and targeting reliable 2 way forwards makes a lot of sense. Canucks are going to be in a LOT of 1 goal games.

The just need to be on the winning side of more of them.

Having Eriksson with the Sedins should help them get out of their end more.

Having Hansen back on a line that actually plays the defensive end will be HUGE in terms of possession stats and allows him to play with other PK guys instead of splitting the top line after every PK and PP cuz someone was just out there for a long shift.

Then having a top 6 that doesn't include Bartkowski, Biega, and Weber as actual roster top 6 guys is going to help even more.

Canucks should compete for a wildcard spot with how they're assembled right now. Adding a legitimate top 6 winger like Kane or whoever probably pushes them up far enough to challenge one of the Cali teams for the 3rd spot.

Canucks just need to buckle down defensively and the rest will come. Just don't expect a lot of blowout games. Most of this coming season will be 3-2 and 2-1 games.

If Canucks can get on the winning side of even 50 percent more of them, they're into the post season.

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We had a lot of statistically reprehensible areas that hurt us. Like the numbers when we lead after 2 periods. Or the amount of OT/SO losses.


If we can use the new coach to up our PP, we have a good chance of winning more of those 1 goal games. More OT wins. Less SO opportunities. Obviously, bigger leads heading into the third.


When a team consistently fails to close after leading over 2 periods it shows a certain mentality. They think they are vulnerable, that they can't do it, that they've been burned in the past and will be again. A strong team needs to overcome that and be confident regardless of the stats. That's one thing Pittsburgh had, absurd confidence. Once they beat Washington there was no stopping them regardless of how many games they lost or by how much. We need to emulate that strong mentality and know we can win whether or not we have won the last few games.

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