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[Proposal] Canucks & San Jose


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  • Ryan Miller, 5 Mil retained      For       San Jose's 1st 2017.      If not asking for enough for us.  Add Canucks  2nd & 7th 2018 for  San Jose's 1st 2018.   I'm pretty sure Miller won't be in our plans after this year,  so we move it up a year and get  good pick or 2.  We save 1 mil on the salary cap for further moves  & get to have a look at Backman, Garteig & Demko.  Backman is our expansion draft offering,  might play good enough to save us a D man or forward next year in the expansion draft.  Miller says yes for a chance at the Stanley cup,  gets to play in California & might even get signed as a back up after contract expires.  San Jose's window is now,  They get an experienced goalie to help Martin Jones out through the year & maybe even playoffs. A Jones injury could be a killer.  There other goalies are Mantis Armalis , A Lithuanian prospect with no AHL or NHL games, Aron Dell & Troy Grosenick are both AHL, prospects all 3 undrafted.  San Jose has 9 picks in 2017 & only 5 picks  in 2018.  Fire away!!!                                                                                                                       
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You can only retain half of that contract which is 3M.


No one is going to trade a 1st for Miller. At the deadline if the Canucks are out of it, they will retain salary and trade him for a 3rd ala James Reimer who got a conditional 4th which became a 3rd if the Sharks made the Finals which they did.

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