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  1. If you watch the video to the end the narrator indicates that GL's been suspended 3 previous times in his career. I'm not in DOPS, but that makes him a repeat offender, no?
  2. That's a nasty, totally avoidable hit. GL is incredibly lucky (and so is Dach) that he didn't injure Dach badly on that play. That type of hit has the potential to be a career-ender.
  3. This contract has 'trade with retained salary' partway through the term written all over it.
  4. This will result in not only Mac being waived, but someone else as well when BB is reactivated. This is not a completely risk free signing. Not the end of the world if someone gets waived/claimed, but not totally a free signing either as he takes a spot from someone.
  5. At this point I'm going to take the approach of assuming positive intentions - something I don't do enough of but I'm trying. That is to say I'm going to assume Travis had the intentions of fulfilling his contract responsibilities to the best of his ability and JB was going to honor his end as well - but somewhere between signing the contract and the start of camp something unforeseen developed and led to the current situation. Sounds from JB's media update that it's bigger than some people understand - it would be the respectful thing to do and give Travis space/time to deal with what he has to deal with.
  6. What's the over/under of how many pages this thread gets to before I finish prepping turkey dinner?
  7. Are you kidding me, this is CDC, when in the history has this place waited until all the facts were known before jumping fully to conclusions ?
  8. https://www.tsn.ca/vancouver-canucks-d-hamonic-will-not-opt-out-of-2021-22-nhl-season-1.1701149
  9. That's a crazy story - I enjoyed the movie with Downey Jr./Ruffalo/Gyllenhall. I like those fact-based crime stories - don't' know why, but I find them fascinating. It creeps me out thinking about how many other psycho's are out there.
  10. Admittedly, I didn't see all of the game - just bits/pieces in between doing other things. I can see the value in Pods playing all situations 20min+/game in Abby and I can also see him playing the season in Vancouver and learning the game at that level albeit with a more limited role on a nightly basis. Time will tell.
  11. I thought I heard Ian Mac during the intermission last night that it's looking more and more that Pods gets sent to Abby and then called up because he doesn't need to clear waivers and he could be a 20min+ per night player in all situations down there vs. a bottom 6 limited guy in Van?
  12. My only concern with this type of move is that it likely means JB is considering keeping one of the 'veteran' journeymen guys (Phil or Petan for example) instead of using that spot to 'develop' a guy like Gadjo. If it helps win now, I get it, but will a move like this help us in 2 or 3 seasons when that journeyman is long gone.....?
  13. Connolly - is that one just a cap dump to the minors or.....?
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