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  2. Back to his roots. Nothing wrong with that. More people should do that imo.
  3. I'm not saying that this isn't a strategy they're using - but burning time off a player's contract status has never been a consideration for playing/not playing (or even signing) players in the past for this management group. I'd be surprised if this is a calculated strategy they're using for the purposes of meeting exemption requirements, but you never know.
  4. No, put it in the spokes of your bike with a clothespin instead.
  5. undoubtedly has also revealed compassion, empathy, kindness, tolerance and respect that exists in humanity.
  6. Not saying Smashville will or won't but on the SN broadcast the other day they mentioned him specifically and the situation of that team. They may be a couple losses away from being sellers one analyst said. Likened it to the situation of LA a while back where they traded both Martinez and Muzzin (I believe) with a year and a half left on their contracts and Ekholm is in a similar position contract-wise anyway.
  7. If we were looking to sign a fringe depth-type defenceman to league minimum then I'd be ok with 'might'. But this guy is perhaps going to command 6mil+ with term as a UFA and I'm not ok with 'might' in that scenario - it has to be 100% unequivocal that he's a team-first kind of player imo.
  8. It's why I said 'apparently '. But there's numerous articles on this guy - from both his Bos & Cgy days - and they all 'allude' to the same thing - he's not interested in 'fitting in' and personally I don't have a problem with that, but this is a team sport and I can understand how that may label you as a teammate in a negative way. Even his coach Rod the Bod admitted he's a very different character. Take it for what you will.
  9. Apparently he's not really a 'team player '. Doesn't gel with anyone and makes teammates uncomfortable. He's talented, yes, but would he fit the culture JB's been building?
  10. + Boeser shutting down those who wanted him traded and showing what he's worth. + Hughes showing that last year's offensive output was just the beginning of what he's capable of - imagine when he gets his actual defensive game to even the 'average' level? + Hog/OJ both showing they can contribute to this team. -Team takes WAY too many penalties and it's literally costing us games. -Huge questions around the defensive structure of the team in general - sure, we score at a high rate, but that won't matter - this isn't the 80's anymore. Is this coaching or execution by players? -Goaltending has been hot/cold and when you have a team playing as inconsistently as we have seen that's a bad combo.
  11. Please show me where I said that? I knew what you were saying. Everyone who's been following the team knows there's no 'identity' now. As a team, they're not playing skilled, they're not playing tough, they're not playing defensive, they're not playing anything but disorganized, sloppy and unable to execute. Juice said it himself - they are 'fun' to play against right now which isn't a good thing. You suggesting that acquiring guys who can hit and fight people will change the direction this team is on right now however, puts you in the minority I believe.