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  1. I'm wondering what people thought Jake was going to be if they're still asking if he'll 'pan out'? IMO, he's already panned out into they player he's going to be (minus some refinement to his game with more coaching/experience). He's a 20'ish goal scorer who can play up/down the line-up and be physical at times. I don't think he was ever advertised as anything more than that - was he?
  2. I assumed it would, sadly. I'm actually very, very surprised my neighbor told me his kid's rep hockey team just got the OK from their health authority to play a tournament with teams from all over the lower mainland/Fraser valley - very surprised.
  3. Still can't get over how EP looks like some nerdy high-school kid in that tweet (no offense to nerdy high school kids) but he's a legit NHL superstar!
  4. You don't believe that staff/parents have the right to know if a potentially deadly (depending on your age/health situation), highly contagious virus is present at your worksite/child's school - especially given the fact that safety measures in public schools are absolutely minimal at the very best?
  5. Restaurants, clubs, airlines, assisted living facilities, hospitals, ect....have all been publicly announcing possible covid exposures from very , very early on and not caused any panic whatsoever - but somehow, known covid exposures in schools are inexplicably NOT being publicly announced and any staff member/classmate in a school working with a possibly infected child could potentially not even know about it - this is inexcusable.
  6. One could easily argue that government and their agencies withholding information from the general public (covid exposures) that could potentially kill people is what is causing panic/freak outs.
  7. 1 fight, 1 SOG, 1 that what they call a Russian Hat-Trick?
  8. Unfortunately I expected this quite some time ago but I don't think, due to the CBA, that a team is actually allowed to take these actions with a player in the 'substance abuse/behavioral health program'. Even if they were, it would've been very bad optics for the franchise and I'm glad they didn't. I hope after this process is done that this individual can find a place to start over and get back to as close as he can to the player he once was and live a healthy/productive life on/off the ice.
  9. There are known cases in schools and they are not being publicly reported - this is a fact backed up by people in the actual schools (see link). Not saying outbreaks, but definitely cases and to my knowledge outbreaks begin with cases + ZERO distancing + ineffective measures in schools and not notifying the public. In my view it's completely plausible they are intentionally failing to report cases because of the implications that would have on the election. They set a precedent of putting safety of citizens second to going back to school/restarting business and it wouldn't surprise me if safety comes second to their election.
  10. This is incorrect. The scouting is done by Hockey Canada scouts and Sr hockey Canada coaches/management make the final decisions. They ABSOLUTELY have a 'dog in the fight' and are looking for very specific traits in each player selected. Not to mention the fact that Hockey Canada has an unwritten rule that they try to, as best as possible, even out the number of players from each of the main CHL leagues (with some exceptions here/there for Jr. A/NCAA) which means that often players who are worthy of making the team do not simply because of political reasons. Yes it means something to be selected/invited but it has ZERO impact on whether a kid ends up playing in the NHL or not.
  11. No reason to believe that schools wouldn't mirror exactly what happened in greater society as a whole. This was inevitable as will be the escalation of outbreaks in schools - sorry to you stawns and your colleagues who work with kids, the government knows schools will have outbreaks and seems 100% ok with this.
  12. Fact: more players playing in the NHL never got an invite to their countries WJC team than did. This high profile event gets way more emphasis than it deserves imo when considering whether a prospect will/won't play in the NHL.
  13. Agreed, a perfect plan is unreasonable deb, and any logical person would never expect a plan to cover every eventuality - there are too many different circumstances throughout the province to cover them all with a blanket policy. That said, my issue is that the government's plan (Dr. Henry's plan specifically) is so full of holes and double standards that it unfortunately undermines anything that she comes up with from now on. Dr. Henry as quoted from this article: These comments directly contradict everything she's publicly said in recent weeks/months and makes a mockery of her 'safe six' motto and highlights her lack of understanding of what exactly the day-to-day operations of a school look like in BC. It's the double standard she's preaching to the public which undermines her credibility. We have substantiated cases in many schools throughout the province yet the individual health authority's are NOT disclosing them. This reeks of a cover-up for the intentions of keeping the general public ill-informed right before a poorly timed election. Putting political gain over and above public safety, which is what I personally believe is happening right now at the hands of the NDP, is inexcusable imo.
  14. Sorry to hear this Petey, but I find it ironic that it's still perfectly safe to go to an elementary or high school with thousands of other kids and hundreds of adults in a confined building? I hope your industry/worksite is able to find a safe way for everyone to continue to work through this. Like you said, I think in BC a lot of people are feeling like it's getting closer to them in some way or another.....