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  1. Yeah, I bet he had time to 'squeeze in' a job interview......lol.
  2. At this point it's not who I 'want' to win rather who I absolutely do NOT want to win. Do NOT want to see win no matter what: Boston - don't think this needs explanation Vegas - their organization simply didn't earn it imo Toronto - their organization doesn't deserve it imo Edmonton - see above Colorado - I simply hate Kadri Washinton - I simply hate Kadri Wilson Winnipeg - their city had a team and gave up on them so.....I don't hate them but I guess I'm on the fence about their franchise Everyone else, whatever happens, happens.....
  3. I told my buddy on my rec hockey team who is an RN about my situation (getting injured and then being dropped by my physician because I never make appointments) and he said I should be making regular appointments (2-3x per calendar year) regardless. I told him that doesn't seem right when I don't need to see a doctor - he said unless I do I will just get dropped as a patient again so it's my choice what to do. He said even if I'm not ill/injured I should make up something somewhat benign that won't clog up the system with crazy tests like some kind of ongoing elbow pain or something like tha
  4. What makes me even more furious about this trend in our medical system is that I believe it is motivated by greed - although admittedly, I don't know for certain. As a patient who doesn't make many appointments - they can't bill for not seeing me. The doctor would rather have a patient who they see regularly who they can bill, bill, and bill some more; therefore, people who are essentially opposites of myself (smokers, bad eaters, alcohol abusers, drug abusers, obese people, non-exercisers, ect....) are all much, much better patients for them so to speak while people like me do their pa
  5. Zero sympathy for their club in terms of this situation. Their GM made that move - he could have made others, but he chose that one.
  6. A side anecdote, I recently was informed by my doctor (the only doctor I have ever had since birth I might add) that I can no longer be his patient because I haven't made an appointment at his office in the past 24months. As someone who has never smoked, doesn't abuse alcohol, eats relatively healthy, exercises regularly and doesn't abuse drugs I take pride in the fact I'm not a burden to the medical profession; however, recently I suffered an injury (right before the COVID lockdown) playing rec hockey and I needed an x-ray so I called my doctor and they told me I was dropped for not having m
  7. While I agree with the principle, it'll never happen. Similarly people who don't smoke, don't drink excessively, eat healthy and exercise regularly are NOT given preferential treatment by hospitals/medical professionals unfortunately.
  8. Now there's something rarely seen on CDC, a proposal where we fleece another team for their franchise player while we give up picks/spare parts.
  9. I still can't believe I watched Marleau play in the WHL with Seattle as a 16yo and now he set this record - what a career and he's still such a humble person.
  10. Exactly. I'm specifically speaking of OJ, Lind, Gajo, MDP, ect... - with this season being 'unofficially' over for some time now you'd think they'd look immediately to next season and give some of these kids a look - I mean a 'real' look, not just calling them up and making them wait in a hotel room.
  11. I know, I had the same question - especially after Green came out the other day and said publicly that he wouldn't hesitate to put young players into positions of more responsibility on the ice - but you gotta dress them in order for that to happen, right?
  12. They tried that - Sheahan, Hall, Rieder, Eakin, Caggiula, Irwin, ect....it made them worse, way worse in fact (yes, I know - other than Hall none of these 'vets' likely could have done anything about the Sabres being anything but awful but nevertheless). In my view they are a prime candidate to go full 'scorched earth' rebuild with the exception of about 4 or 5 guys (like Dahlen, Cozens, Mittlestadt....). Their entire franchise from ownership on down is completely directionless and languishing in total meh for the last 15 years. As for Rhino expressing his
  13. One has to wonder, despite what JB has said in recent months, if the Canucks are waiting it out to see who exactly will be available before making a final decision on resigning Green? For me, firings like this show actually how patient our franchise has been with it's present coaching staff - Quinn didn't the same level of patience in NY it seems, or perhaps they have/had higher expectations there?
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