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  1. Well, it's not Festivus without the feats of strength. And its ot feats of strength without wrestling the head of the household so............wondering what you got in mind......
  2. Yes and no is my understanding. Apparently the manufacturers, by law, are jumping through the required hoops, but at the same time they are unquestionably fast-tracking development and have applied for emergency approval to use the vaccine which isn't, by definition, the normal way in which new vaccines get approved. Then theres the aspect that most of these types of vaccines take 2-3 full years of developing and monitoring control groups for negative side effects whereas this new vaccine would potentially be available after less than a year of development/trial. I wouldn't say they're exactly following the normal trials if most take 2-3 years and this one would be approved in less than 12 months. I would be leery of using any vaccine for myself and my family which hadn't been rigorously trialled by the exact same methods of other vaccines which aren't expedited by nature of being under a pandemic and manufacturers seeing massive dollar signs.
  3. Would it though.....or would it just delay the inevitable because the root issue, people not making the right choices, still wouldn't be resolved.
  4. When I put a new sim card into my phone yesterday - it 'factory reset' the device which wiped the smart-switch transfer I did. 


    Will inserting a new sd card also 'factory reset' the device? 

    1. peaches5


      no SD is external it has nothing to do with the internal harddrive.

    2. Fanuck


      I was worried b/c the sim card and the sd card both insert into the same small tray which you remove with that metal pin that came with the phone.  That and the salesperson who sold me the sim card didn't mention ANYTHING about a 'factory reset' when I told them I had already done the smart-switch data transfer. 

    3. peaches5


      It should give you a warning it's going to factory reset so you can then backup the phone. Iphones don't do a factory reset with sim cards being changed. Kinda odd that your phone did one when you put it in.

  5. Are tree tattoos the new barb-wire arm-band replacements for hipsters? 

    1. SabreFan1


      Barb-wire arm bands were the choice of the edgier skanks back in the 80's-90's. 


      When did it become a hipster thing?