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To continue my rant. The Canucks are not rebuilding this team. You got grandlund as are second line centre, he doesn't have potential to be anything. Who's going to take Hendrik and Daniel sedins spots after next year???? We're trying to retool for playoffs and it's a joke. Step one fire coach. Step 2 ask edler to waive no trade then trade him for 1st round pick. Step 3 ask Hansen to wave no trade clause then trade him for 1st round pick. Step 4 trade burrows get something out of him he's gone next year anyway. Step 5 put the sedins on the second line and let horvat Sven and Erickson get more minute on the first line and play some young players. Are d is developing and will look good in 2 years. Step 6 we will get 1-5 pick this year if we just play young players. And then those two draft picks could be awesome down the line. It needs to be done guys look at are lineup it's a joke I don't get excited at all to watch this team. Everyone makes fun of are team and all the good teams don't even try.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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