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  1. I came here to say this. No way Petey (or rather his agent) can expect more than Landeskog.
  2. That’s funny. That’s the same steal of a deal that we got from Vegas for him because they needed the cap space, and now we gave Winnipeg the same steal of a deal because now we need the cap space lol At least we didn’t get less for him than we paid and now we can use that salary for players that actually want to be here. Onwards and upwards.
  3. I think you need to think objectively about a couple things. 1.) Players hire an agent to handle their business affairs. Their job is to maximize the contract value and term for their clients. Pettersson is not “holding the team hostage.” His agent is negotiating on his behalf, and we don’t know which side is doing what at this point as it hasn’t been made public. 2.) Pettersson is an elite talent entering his prime years and this contract is crucial to his financial future not only in the interim, but over his lifetime, as playing careers are relatively short and can end
  4. I doubt that’s the issue. If I had to guess I would say his agent is delaying until free agency for an offer sheet to maximize the contract value for his client.
  5. Who interesting enough is the Goaltending Coach in Abbotsford
  6. Ummmm excuse me, he missed valuable rebuilding years in Vancouver while he was chasing those cups in Tampa.
  7. Okay one of us remembers this differently. I’ve had a few concussions but I remember us offering him a contract and him deciding on Tampa.
  8. We didn’t. We offered him a contract and he chose to sign in Tampa.
  9. Yeah, I just meant now that he’s won lord stanley in general. I phrased it poorly. I edited it.
  10. Loved have Luke on the back end in his first stint with the team and was disappointed when he signed in Tampa instead of re-signing here. Hard to blame a guy for chasing a cup. Now that he’s accomplished that I’d love to have him back. Could use his physicality and truculence. Nobody messed with huggy bear with Schenn on the ice.
  11. I’d be down if he hits UFA, but I’m guessing he will have a fair amount of interest in his services. Love what he brings.
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