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[Signing] Coyotes re-sign Clayton Keller

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11 hours ago, WHL rocks said:

Keller is signed for the next 9 years.  Which takes him right thru his prime to the age of 30. Very skilled player.


Boeser is a different player than Keller.  Boeser is bigger, taller and a sniper  than Keller who's a skilled playmaker.  


If JB can get Boeser to sign 8 year extension that would be awesome. Around 7.5 mill 8 yrs. Something like that would be great.


Boeser pbbly looking for 9 or 10 mill for 8 year deal. Just a guess but reports he wants 7 mill for 4 yrs means he's looking to get paid big time.  



I agree, if Brock thinks he deserves 7m x 4yrs I stand ground if I am the GM. Long term is the way to go if he took max term 8m would be the max I would like to go, it is a lot to pay him right now but if he stays healthy and is a 35-45g perennial goal scorer while amassing 70-90pts that deal will look good going forward.


With EP, Quinn and possibly Marky or Demko needing new deals in the next 2 years add in Bo down the road the sooner we can sign our core youngsters to longer term deals with as low of a cap hit as possible the better imo. Is it a risk to go long term with those contracts...it sure is but we don't want to be Chicago, EDM or Pit having to pay multiple players Elite top end $ if we don't have to. You need to have a well rounded team. Those teams have found cheap contracts to fill the void and have success, they also have drafted well outside the 1st round or signed College FA to cheap deals while contributing. Oh and they traded away good players to gain cheaper assets and draft picks back.


Either way,this contract for Keller is a nice compareable for Brock, Conner imo. Sure his pt totals aren't as good But Brock and Kyle have both played with far more talented players.


Those saying Arizona overpaid, well they do have to continue to maintain staying above the cap floor or maybe want to try be relevant 1 day again so need to give out some higher contracts. It all started for me when they kept OEL, I thought they would do the typical rebuild forever and trade him for picks and prospects then they went and got Kessel. New owner willing to spend and try ice a better team in hopes of a new arena build?

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