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[Discussion]Offer sheets Sergachev and Cernak and ?

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On 10/12/2020 at 3:55 AM, DarkIndianRises said:

Given that we will have to reup all of Demko, Pettersson, and Hughes next season, the Canucks might not even be able to afford signing an RFA from another team via successful offer sheet.


If the Canucks are looking to add someone, I think signing or trading for a guy on a one year deal (or having one year left on his deal), would probably make the most sense.  But again - this is contingent on how much cap space the Canucks will actually have left after the Virtanen arbitration, Gaudette signing, Juolevi signing, etc.  


After looking at our defense for next season, it may not be as bad as I had originally thought:




[Rathbone or Juolevi]-Benn




-Edler can mentor Rafferty
-Each pairing will have a very good PMD (which was arguably our biggest weakness this past season)

-Edler can be taken off the PP and focus more of his efforts on the PK.  Benn and Chatfield can also be used here.


I still contend that one of Rathbone or Juolevi might be used as a sweetener at some point to clear cap space if Benning sees it fit to make an aggressive push this season at some point.


ps - MAYBE at the deadline, if the Canucks look competitive and have the cap space, you can move ONE of Juolevi and Rathbone + 2021 1st for a Dougie Hamilton (Hamilton would be a pure rental since we wouldn’t be able to afford his cap the following year).  Carolina likely wouldn’t do that deal since they themselves will be a competitive team, but I’m just spitballing here.  

Sergachev and Cernak are not arbitration eligible so the Canucks could do a bridge deal. Hughes does not kill penalties.


Canucks should be doing extensions for Pettersson, Demko and Hughes now, Boeser type bridge deals.


Canucks will need 4 more defencemen because of the condensed schedule, can you imagine a game every other night for 4 to 6 months with only 6 defencemen?

Demko will be blamed, I pity him next season.

Although Tryamkin will be available come April, he will be cheap and available.

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