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  1. Primal Optimist - Anton Lundell Vrienzy - Noah Dobson AriGold - Kirby Dach Nail - Adam Boqvist Looks like this is the order for tomorrow.
  2. Roberta McCain Kirk Douglas Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 6ix9ine Bob Barker Bob Dole Vera Lynn Alex Trebek Bill Cosby Carl Reiner Jimmy Carter R. Kelly Pope Benedict XVI Jerry Lee Lewis Tommy Lasorda Don King Jerry Stiller Larry King Betty White Sean Connery
  3. Woohoo! Sandin loaned to Sweden! Jonatan Berggren - Kirill Marchenko - ????? Rasmus Sandin - Ville Heinola Sweden
  4. Does he get auto skipped seeing as he's still skipped from his last one ?
  5. Do you still want him ? Will trade you ?
  6. Bruh... You’re killing me lol..
  7. I'm gonna take a guess for fun. To COL: Taylor Hall + Wayne Simmonds/Miles Wood To NJD: Connor Timmins + Martin Kaut + 2020 1st round pick + 2021 3rd round pick* (Turns into 1st if Hall Re-Signs) + Holding salary in some form
  8. I was gonna take him until the Hawks called him up. Anything new regarding him or just a dart throw like basically all my picks ?
  9. Kirby Dach @Tylez I might have to swap out my entire team... Boom or bust..
  10. Repicks are done after the draft is over. Unless you catch your mistake prior to the next person making their pick.
  11. Am I up? I believe it’s been 4 hours.
  12. FFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUU Only a few real valuable Finish players and he was basically the last one. Great pick, very curious to see how he does.
  13. AriGold2.0

    NFL thread

    He’s gonna get a what ??? IMG_3943.MOV
  14. I hope this doesn’t bite me in the ass. Rasmus Sandin @Vrienzy
  15. I have had quite a few accounts over the years.. But been here for a long long time..
  16. @Baer. should go into both pools. I used to do that as a reward for all the inputting etc. Edit: Unless of course he doesn't want to.
  17. 2nd overall, very nice! No pressure but figured I would tag who's up first. @JimLahey