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  1. The punishment is for botching the investigation, do we think more may be coming from the league as they work out what it should be?
  2. I’m probably in a minority view, but voting for school districts to me is not an area I want politics involved in. to me it should be just a subdivision of the local governing body (made up of professionals) which has a set mandate and structure that can be adjusted/influenced by the elected officials of the local government but not directly so. that way people can be fired where necessary and you remove partisanship from it. it has been documented in a number of studies that places which operate a school district policy have students attaining better outcomes when the board is representative of the students backgrounds and ethnicity. in theory this should be able to be achieved by elections however often the structures around voting are steeped in institutional racism, or even where they are not societal structures in most place have the same impact. It takes time and money to run for election to a board, which results in a disproportionate amount of old and white elected members, who are far removed from the reality and recency of schooling. anyway that’s my long rant over, I’m not supervised at the above happening and I hope there is wider coverage and more outcry and that someone picks up the fight that Kolo lluyomade started because these are causes worth fighting over.
  3. After last nights performance Steve Dangle is going to lose his rag. be interesting to see do we get angry Steve or dejected Steve
  4. Dahlen, Dahlen, Dahlen, Dahlen, I’m begging of you please don’t leave My Van, Dahlen, Dahlen, Dahlen, Dahlen, please don’t leave just because you can....
  5. Yep don’t disagree. I think in the UK in the next couple of months the test site for it is going to be awarded (positive steps) and then probably 10 years of NIMBYs trying to block it in the courts, and probably 10 years to build with a contractor falling out with government and it going on hiatus untill government bails them out. with your other post above it doesn’t surprise me. Most Aussies I know can see what is happening and act as best they can but unfortunately you have the inmates running the asylum.
  6. Just wanted to ask it’s not just me is it, while possitionally I believe Demko is one of the best, and he uses his size well to cover the net, but it does seem like he gives up a lot of rebounds. It’s fine when the D sweep it out and tbh with our transitional D it seems to be okay, but I have noticed a few more players start to play it in close and play for the rebounds. I would much prefer him to control and kill the play
  7. What about the rangers colouring with the Canucks words on it
  8. Never said it would be post season or only non playoff teams. would be during the season and invoke all 32 teams as it makes a complete bracket
  9. Prospects are people and not owned Dahlen was in the AHL but ones which are in Europe it applies to even more. All the draft is, is a way of teams saying bagsie on a player, if said player doesn’t want to play for you unless they have a contract they can just walk away especially if they are playing in Europe or. Russia. If you want to keep a prospect you need to keep them happy or if not trade the rights for a player you think you can
  10. I like P Myers and wish we went for him when he was an RFA with the flyers when his stock was lower. however this isn’t the trade I would do to get him.
  11. Because the World Cup of hockey is an artificial construct to replicate a international tournament. this would be a club competition there would be no opt out. This isn’t just a random half baked event designed purely to make money for the league but but a chance within the NHL to win an cup with their team. Something that a player, a coach, the fans most importantly can get behind. Something players can win for each other not just artificially created teams like the all star or WCH events. it’s something that will also take place over the course of the season not as a separate event all in one go. So it might be that in September the first round games are held and it concludes before Transfer deadline day. in the UK as well it’s notorious for a team performing badly to go on a cup run and it helps bust the season slump and bring the team together. I don’t see why a player wouldn’t want to play in it
  12. inthink any player who can win a trophy would want to. plus it’s not EU it’s European or UEFA, as it covers areas such as Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Israel etc as well
  13. I would love to see something like the Kachina for a third but one made with local indigenous artists that fits Vancouver.(I’m aware of the issues around the orca jersey as it stands) Would be good to see a jersey with a Salish Orca designed artwork that was done with the support of the community and also came alongside extra recognition and social responsibility.
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