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  1. I think part of it is that they want teams to stick. Give them a competitive team to start with and you get new franchise excitement, make a number of lifelong fans that will see them through the inevitable dark times. you start with the dark times it can take years to get even semi competitive, at which point owners could be losing cash and looking to move the team on. it makes sense, and most other expansions should have been done that way rather then being protected screw you to the new teams
  2. Even the pope approved their use despite this
  3. Tbh you know if the Habs win the story will be the maple leafs had enough and it was just bad reffing and injuries which cost them and if it wasn’t for that they would have won the cup. We will then hear from the Toronto media that they basically won the cup
  4. So much slaying the dragon comments by people in this thread. I’m guessing either people don’t know the significance for the Canucks or meaning of what the phrase is. Or it’s just become so diluted to be a meaningless phrase now
  5. Right so if I say we should just get a n01 rhd and a franchise player that will solve our problems and I’m sure management can get those for under 3m
  6. So we should plug the gaps with cheap ufas surely if it was such an easy task you would be able to real of at least one?
  7. So who is the cheap 700k ufa who will plug into our top line D?
  8. I’m guessing that if you listed the top 15 scoring forwards (from the 28ish still in it) you probably would find that maybe 3 or so top the group and then it just tails off to one or two each after that with probably no real difference after the first quartile. more interesting would be to look once the playoffs are done who to top scoring forwards were across the whole playoffs both by actual numbers and then adjusted figures to see if there is anything meaningful that can be gleaned from it
  9. Defence wins championships. we need a defensive big minute D man, essentially a Mitchel,Ohlund,Edler,Hjarlmasson type of player. doesn’t need to be a big name or flashy or any sort of point getter but someone who is a no nonsense solid defence first player. after that I would say 3C but to get the 3C we don’t necessarily need to target a player in that possition providing we can upgrade somewhere else that frees up someone to C that line. also by 3C again I’m assuming defensive first duties who can chip in every so often. Arguably I would
  10. I think someone on the tryamkin thread did the calculation of what he would need to earn just to have the same pay due to escrow and taxes and if I remember correctly it would need to be a minimum of 2.5m and that’s to remain the same.
  11. First how Belgium woeful, second half the introduction of De Bruyne changed the game, that and him playing a false 9 and Lukaku moving to the wing meant that Kaer was taken out of the game, and he had Lukaku in his pocket until then. Masterful tactics from Martinez
  12. Not anywhere near to the same extent Vegas did. They were over the cap and needed to clear space quickly we are tight and need to make space but we are not up against the wall trying to offload players just to be compliant
  13. He only cost a third because Vegas were needing to clear cap for Pieteangelo. His worth is far more than a third
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