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  1. Not sure on your source but it does impact men as well. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56675665
  2. the fact that they are trained to have the taser on their non dominant side, and the fact the taser grip is different, lighter and has no safety trigger it’s hard to mix them up. Yes people can panic in the heat of the moment, but I find it hard to conceive that you could fire a handgun thinking it was a taser, draw the wrong weapon if you holster it where you can reach with your dominant hand yes possible but how you can not conceivably know it wasn’t a taser is beyond me.
  3. Looks like she has been charged now with second degree manslaughter
  4. The reports I read state the 900m was excluding the recovery costs and that that figure was based on loses incurred by the SCA and ‘reputational damage’ TBH it’s just a power play to grab as much as they can, most likely because if they let the vessel leave the insurance company will have the leverage so they are just holding it with an absurd valuation in order to drive up the amount they can get from the insurance
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56729607 looks like SA variant is taking a grip in London, so probable spread across rest of UK with the next few weeks with the country starting to open back up Also remember one vaccine shot doesn’t fully protect
  6. I think this is a likely outcome, wouldn’t be shocked if rafferty was used in a package deal with JV.
  7. Same but I also wouldn’t be adverse to Seattle talking and taking Hamonic as a UFA, while he wants to stay west coast Canada, Seattle isn’t a big stretch on that, plus with the recent outbreak in the team, and the vaccine program in the USA it may be a suitable place for him. while I’m aware Edler is getting on, if he comes back on a low cost controlled year by year arrangement I would be happy to have him on the team
  8. I’ve gone back and watched some games I had to see what I was missing. I like Costmar and he is a tenacious player and tbh his skill level is far above his draft place. that said I can see him making the A if he comes over and be a solid player at that level, I’m just not seeing enough at the moment to think he will make the transition above that. I would love to be wrong though, any maybe if he does come over he will continue to develop as some players thrive the more they have to upskill, others flounder
  9. I know our rates have been going in the right direction and we cannot keep locked down indefinitely, but more should be done to ensure that there is adequate space, and not crowds of people. shaking my head tbh at some councils allowed for street closures to give more seating space (drinking and eating at restaurants opened up yesterday but only if outside) this is why restaurants & pups have been closed, it’s not that they themselves are inherently infectious places unlike say a supermarket, it’s that they are social places where people gather and mingle and inter
  10. Sutter is a good player who got hit by injuries playing in Vancouver. He’s a staple bottom 6 centre. You need guys like that to cement the defensive element of a team. Also pops in a few goals now and again and doesn’t drag his line mates down. When Beagle (and beagle may be out for good now) and Sutter are gone we have no defensive centres in the pipeline. Lind may not end up playing there and might end up back on the wing but he fills a need, and looks good enough as well. Yes he is transitioning into a centre and having to learn the defensive aspects so it’s not a dead cu
  11. Except we wouldn’t because the cutoff has already passed for signing him for this season. It would have required him buying out his contract.
  12. I don’t get the whole need to register thing, surely you don’t want to put barriers in the way of it, and the local health providers should be able to organise those on their books and reach out, or even maybe use central registers the local government will have or from your tax office etc. Many ways to do it without making people register which just feels like a way of suppressing uptake
  13. Yes I get that, point I’m making is that it’s not either benning hater or benning fanboy , there are some of us in the middle who can see both the positive and negative. Stating that all the Benning fanboys are tagging on Gaudettte is just an asinine statement
  14. It’s not so binary. Gaudette was probably not going to make it here, not strong enough defensively and no space to move up either as a centre. a trade either this season or next was likely but I think the return here is a bit low. hes a streaky middle 6 offensive centre, he was never going to get a high return
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